Atticus and Maudie the Twin Dewotts

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Atticus and Maudie the Twin Dewotts  Empty Atticus and Maudie the Twin Dewotts

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Atticus and Maudie the Twin Dewotts  Auzk1e
Atticus and Maudie the Twin Dewotts  LTMMn

Atticus & Maudie
Dual Text Color #9932CC
Atticus Text Color #1874CD
Maudie Text Color red
Items - Identical Everstones
-Blue Scarf/Atticus
-Red Scarf/Maudie
Genders Male
Ages Teen
Species #502 Dewott ~ The Discipline Pokémon
Height 2’07”
Weight 54.0lbs
Pokédex Entry Strict training is how it learns its flowing double-scalchop technique.
Level 34
Ability Torrent
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Somewhat stubborn
Capable of taking hits
Moves - Razor Shell
- Aqua Jet
- Ice Beam (TM)
- Aerial Ace (TM)

- Razor Shell
- Water Pulse
- Protect (TM)
- Swords Dance (TM)
History Atticus and Maudie both hatched at the same time right next to one another. And they have been inseparable since, always doing everything together, never leaving the others side for more then a second. When it was time for one of them to go an be chosen to be a trainers pokemon. They didn't like the idea, so the first chance they got, the two young Oshawott made a run for it, trying to get as far away from the humans who planned to separate them.

They grew up wild, stealing from humans what they could instead of scavenging for there own food. They found joy is having the humans chase them as they ran away with their spoils. They soon evolved into strong Dewotts, and they liked there Dewott look, that they didn't want to evolve again into the powerful looking Samurott. So on one of their raids, they grabbed two Everstones, one for each of them, as well as a red and blue scurf to make them look more like rouges.

Years passed, and they became master thieves, being able to steal anything they wanted, and they even managed to beat any trainer that came alone who would try to capture them, but if one of the brothers did get beaten, the other would pick the fainted one up and flee. It was the only way they could stay together. But when the infection hit, they made a pact that if one of them got infected, then it would be the other to kill them. It was a pact that they knew neither of them would ever be able to carry out.

They had managed to hide from the worst of it, at lest they hoped it was the worst. The rampaging and screaming seemed to have stopped. Atticus was the one to check if the close was clear, and he signaled to his brother that it was. The two stood outside their hidden den, looking at the changes that seemed to have unfolded. Trees has been snapped in two, and blood was sprayed everywhere like crimson paint. The two brothers decided then to look for the legends, in the hopes that they had a way to change the newly-infected world.
Appearance - Identical except for their scarves
-They've never been separated their whole life, so if they do get separated, they get edgy and gloomy.
-They're ace thieves, able to steal anything right from under your nose.
-They like to use their charm in any form they can.
-They pretend that they're gay and incest, (twincest) but they're not, it's just a show. They feel the need to push people away who they feel don't understand them.
-They tend to be annoying to their team mates.
-Atticus is more violent and stubborn, Maudie is the more logical, submissive and quiet one.
User Notes - The scarves are normally used to tell which one is which, and sometimes they trade, to keep people guessing.
-They've developed a complex due to people not knowing which one is which, or caring for each of them as individuals. It's made them bitter towards everyone, which is why they try to keep others confused about their identities.
**scarf note- when they trade scarves, their text color will change with it. But Maudie is the original red, meaning that's actually his scarf. I'll also still refer to them as the right names in context, but they'll call each other by scarf name. So blue scarf will always be called Atticus and Red will always be Maudie.**
-They are almost always together, its extremely hard to separate them.
- Based off of the twins in Host Club, Hikaru (Atticus) & Kaoru (Maudie)

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