Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee

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Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee Empty Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee

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Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee LxkHAhi
Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee SqQgr

Shadowfax, son of Armonia
Text Color #BDB76B
Item gnarled, flame-retardant rope around his neck
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Species 77, Ponyta/Fire Horse Pokemon
Height 5'2"
Weight 90lbs
Pokédex Entry Its hooves are ten times harder than diamond. It can trample anything completely flat in little time.
Level 47
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Quick Tempered
Moves - Flame Charge (level)
- Fire Spin (level)
- Stomp (level)
- Inferno (level)
History Shadowfax was born to Armonia- one foal among many. One of the first to be able to stand, he was quick to help his mother with his other siblings, coaxing them to their feet eagerly with the promise of play. He quickly grew fond of the youngest sibling, Riku. Riku was the only foal to be born without the shiny gene, and was exceedingly quiet and gentle. His oldest brother was drawn to this nature and always seemed to be happy in his brothers' presence. Shadowfax would often lay next to Riku while the others ate or played, never allowing his youngest brother to be in any danger. But the dark colts' happiness wouldn't last.
One night, when they were feeding in a dark field, a hoard of undead had discovered them. Their mother rushed them to a sheltered outcropping, ordering them all to remain while she fought them off. Shadowfax protested, but he stayed, determined to protect his siblings. But the collective flames of the Ponyta only drew the attention of nearby lurking predators. It wasn't long before the young horses were assaulted brutally by a pack of infected Mightyena. Shadowfax bravely stood against them, using his limited fire attacks against the superior predators, while one of his siblings cried out for their mother to return. He was quickly overcome by the canines, which had set up a trap for the foal. Keeping the strongest of them busy, they had snuck around behind them and dragged away the weakest of them...Riku. The dogs quickly took leave at the alphas' command, leaving the remaining siblings while they feasted on their youngest brother, not far from them.
Shadowfax was devastated. He was too weak and beaten to run in and fight for his brothers' life. The canines' had damaged his back, temporarily paralyzing the young horse. All he could do was lay there and watch the dark predators' tear apart his screaming and thrashing brother and eventually leave after they had their fill. After they had gone, the black colt dragged himself to Rikus' corpse. They had not left much of the child; only the head and parts of the legs remained. Shadowfax fell on his brothers body and wept, unable to look any more on the bloodied face, fixed forever in unspeakable terror.
After days of staying at his dead brothers' side, the rotting Ponyta rose to its' hooves...a sad and groaning ghost of his beloved Riku. Without hesitation, Shadowfax destroyed what was left of his brother and burned whatever remained. ("Burn with me, brother") At this point, he realized his mother had abandoned them, and without a word to his remaining siblings, he left to fend on his own. 

A few years later, he met Ghost after a rather ferocious battle in the city with a hoard of undead. Shadowfax had grown strong, and blindly fearless. The gray Eevee was astonished at the strength the horse had shown, despite him being younger than himself. Shadowfax, being a loner by nature, didn't want the Eevee to travel with him, but Ghost followed him everywhere anyway. Shadowfax eventually got used to the small fox and they began to work together to hunt the undead.
Appearance Black fur with a resemblance of a pale skeletal structure across his pelt. His eyes are so pale that they look white, and the fire that makes up his mane and tail burns a grayish white.
Personality Once very protective of his family. If he does find anyone to care for, he becomes very possessive and overly-protective, in fear of losing them. His short temper only makes this quality worse, as he often resorts to violence when he gets angry or worried.
User Notes
- His level is well past the point of evolving, but he physically suppresses it because of his unbridled hate for looking like his mother.  He will eventually evolve differently.
- He blames his mother for abandoning their family as well as Rikus' death.
- Shadowfax hunts and kills any undead in his wake. He hates them with a smoldering passion for killing his brother. Ghost helps him in this because he enjoys it. He loves power and everything that goes with it.
- He's very quiet and reclusive, and is very difficult to get along with, until he gets to know someone well...and then he'll just be an asshole. He's terrified of getting close to someone ever again, and drives them away before he can feel attached.
- He has PTSD from the experience with the Mightyena, and constantly relives those moments. But rather than trying to shy away from the memories, he revels in the pain and uses it as fuel for revenge.
- In battle, he's extremely dangerous and crazy. He doesn't care at all for himself or the others around him; his whole goal is to kill, regardless of what happens to him. He uses his fire attacks recklessly, often starting huge fires.
- He's larger than the standard Ponyta; he's built more like a draft horse/clydesdale- bred for endurance and power.
- The few humans he's come across have attempted to capture him by rudimentary means, using ropes to try and capture him. He quickly dispatched of them, burning the ropes that held him and killing the humans. Only a beaten loop of the rope remains around his neck now.
- son of Armonia
- personality based very loosely on Eric Drayven, Spirit and the Darkness.
- makes it a point to be cold. Lets his anger fuel him. Believes caring is a weakness. 
- His flames burn white, but his attacks are like normal flames; orange and red. When he is in battle, his body flames flare up and burn larger and hotter, always staying white. 
- Likes to say 'Burn with me' whenever he uses a fire attack. Fire is a fixation for him and likes to watch things burn to the ground.
His brother told him that when his corpse reanimated, the only remaining thing in his head.
Shadowfax used to tell his brother that to comfort him at night, to train him in keeping his flame lit. Riku was afraid of the dark, and his mane wouldn't stay lit at night, due to his fear and physical weakness.
- Ghost gives him something to protect. Through the fox, he's slowly finding something more to live for than his dead brother.

Shadowfax the Black Ponyta and Ghost the Gray Eevee QAkDx4R

"Ghost" aka Akira

Brother of Plague and Catalyst
Text Color #5C5C5C
Item Pewter claw necklace
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #133 Eevee/Evolution Pokémon
Height 2'00"
Weight 20lbs
Pokédex Entry It has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment.
Level 37
Ability Adaptability
Nature Impish
Characteristic Highly Persistant
Moves - Toxic (TM)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
Take Down (level)
History Akira loved attention, but nobody ever gave it to him. Especially his father, whose attention he sought more than anyones'. Whenever he tried to speak, they would ignore him. When he cried, nobody came to comfort him. He felt like a ghost wherever he went. When he finally got outraged by all of this, his father just ended up laughing at the little Eevee, making him bitter and jealous of the attention his older brothers got. Shizu got his fathers' attention all the time, and he was rebellious. Rei got his fathers' attention because he was the oldest and strongest. Akira never got praise; in his fathers' eyes, his youngest son was worthless and not worthy of his attention. 

Akira eventually just started to use violence and cruel words to get attention, because that was the only way that worked for him, like his father. This inevitably made him the shunned brother out of his family, which left him even more embittered. But when Shizu was outcast from the pack and his mother killed, the young kit was disturbingly calm. He disliked his mother for the same reason his father did; stone evo prejudice, as well as being 'weak' in his eyes for showing compassion and care for his older brother. As they left, he kicked Shizu hard in the head, a final goodbye for his hated sibling as Shizu was knocked unconscious. 
He followed in his fathers' footsteps from there, eventually killing his father for the alpha position. 
He was proud and vain, raised by his fathers' standards. Callousness and cruelty were acceptable in their pack, and the weak were to be killed without mercy. He was not called Alpha, but Ghost, for his silent and quick kills. But under his lead, the pack quickly fell into anarchy and self-destruction, due to his lack of leadership skills. The pack ate each other alive, quickly leaving the young alpha Eevee to fend for himself. 

Ghost found Shadow burning a city down, to which he was inspired. He loved the raw power the horse had, and helped him fight off the impossible hoarde that he had attracted. Ghost had finally found someone who shared his desire to destroy, and didn't let him out of his sight. He was hungry for the battles Shadow could muster, and enjoyed every minute. And despite the horses' naturally annoyed/angry disposition, he wouldn't ignore the Eevee, but silently listened to everything he said. This helped Ghost develop a friendship with him. 

  • He has dark gray fur with a silver mane and tail tip.
  • He often looks like hes brooding
  • Has a claw necklace, which he stole from someone
  • Personality
  • He's very pessismistic and tends to bring others down
  • He's very intelligent but his pessimism overshadows it
  • Shies away from getting close to people, in fear of being ignored.
  • Usually show his affection to another by being mean to them
  • User Notes
  • He's scared of not being heard or understood.
  • He's very bitter about his family and failure as a pack leader. He hates his brothers with a smoldering passion.
  • He'll try to make people angry and forces them to drive him away on purpose
  • May be team jumping often because of this
  • He hums/sings 3 libras often, especially to put himself to sleep.
  • Will evolve into a white Espeon with a cyan gem and eyes. This will trigger some severe rage/self loathing because he hated his mother/non-stone evos, and he is now what he hated. Ironically, he evolved because he was happy with destruction and killing.
  • Shadow Ball is a move all the siblings knew, from their father forcing the TM on them. Their father was a trained pokemon gone rogue, so he knew how to use certain human items.
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