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The Doctor
Text Color #D4B277
Item Everstone band around his ankle
Gender Male
Age Appears Middle-aged but actually old as balls
Species #063, Abra / Psi pokemon
Height  4'2"
Weight 43.0 lbs.
Pokédex Entry It senses impending attacks and teleports away to safety before the actual attacks can strike.
Level 68
Ability Inner Focus
Nature Rash
Characteristic Highly curious
Moves - Teleport  (level)
- Shadow Ball TM
- Psychic TM
- Protect TM
History The Doctor hails from Europe, and is older than he appears. He belonged to a large clan of wild psychic pokemon. These psychics were naturally drawn to the thickly forested area because of the high amount of psychic energy focused there. They found that it would amplify their powers, allowing them to become very powerful as a group. A clan was formed, where many rules were made to help control the psychics' powers, so they were not abused. The clan vowed to protect their new home and any that were in it. They called this hotspot Gallifrey.
Over time, humans began to settle on their land, building small towns nestled in the hills and trees. The clan often protected the humans in secret against their own folly as well as rogue clan members who had suffered from the prolonged effects of Gallifrey.
As time progressed, as did the battles and wars against evil, the clan grew more violent and vicious. Their morals changed from protectors to antagonists. The older the land got, more creatures began to 'invade' their land. The clan began to feel overwhelmed by the progress of both humans and pokemon into their territory, and began to fight them, without reason or moral code. In their growing vanity and madness, they discarded their previous code and began to kill indifferently.

The doctor, after being initiated, was lost to the clan after fleeing from them. He was hunted down, but not before he managed to lead the humans to the heart of their pack, where the majority of the clan was killed or captured.
In the slaughter, he fled deep into the forest, running as far as he could.
He was devastated by the loss of his kind and the world that he knew, but he could not return.
He began to travel, under his new alias of 'the Doctor.' He would seek out companions to travel with him, to seek out mystery, beauty and danger. Since then, many of his companions have died or gone missing, with the Doctor at the heart of it all. Despite his best attempts at keeping them safe, he almost always loses his companions, much to his grief and despair.

(About the clan)
- Very intelligent, but still rely on theft from humans for their source of 'outside' knowledge, such as books, health items and complex goods. They would often steal HMs and TMs as well, knowing that they held the strongest attacks.
- Psychics born into the clan near the end of its' reign were taken from their parents at an early age and trained to fight and indoctrinated by the elders of the clan.
- They were taken to a clearing in the forest, where the energy was strongest and forced to remain there for weeks. If they survived the overload of psychic power and the lack of sustenance, they would be initiated into the clan as one of their soldiers.
- Every one of the initiated were forced to wear a shackle with an everstone in it before they began, so their growing strength wouldn't overwhelm their physical form, and evolve too quickly.
- The shackles were stolen from the human town that they had sacked
- Many of these children would die. If they didn't die, they would either grow heartless and cold, lose their minds entirely, or just flee out of sheer terror from the mental overload.
Appearance - slim, tall and 'foxy'
- He often walks with head held high and often cheery/curious.
- often walks upright, but occasionally walks on four if startled or acting on instinct.
-  Based on Doctor Who, the 10th doctor.
- Chooses to stay in his present form. He is afraid of taking off the shackle, in fear of what unleashing his powers might do to the others around him.
- Despite his unevolved form, he's actually middle-aged, and sounds older as well.
Personality - He was part of the initiated children, one of the few to survive and flee.
- He was there when Gallifrey and his clan fell to the humans.
- He was part of their final downfall and slaughter. He's killed many, and this has tainted him on a very deep level.  He was a teenager  when the clan fell.
- He chose the alias 'the Doctor' to protect himself against those who used to know him. Not everyone from his clan died, and he had made many enemies during his time with them. He has a real name, but he doesn't reveal it to anyone. If pressured for a real name, he'll call himself John Smith.
- He has grown exceedingly intelligent from the focused psychic energy of Gallifrey, but the mental inhibitions are there. He grows unstable and callous if he is left by himself. He sees this in himself and consciously seeks out others to partner with, to prevent it. Due to the danger he puts himself and others in though, he is often left alone...fueling his partial insanity.
- He suffers still from the indoctrination of the clan, and still believes that they were good at the heart of it all. The tempering they instilled in him is still present in the way he fights and harnesses his powers.

- cheery and fun-loving, very curious about everything.
- Quirky and loud at times when excited
- likes to use a lot of physical contact
- Hides a deep pain and loneliness behind his cheery visage.
- very humanistic. He goes about doing nothing but trying to help others, even if it costs him.
- can be very cold, callous and dark if memories are triggered by certain things from his past. Oftentimes, he just falls into his thoughts, ignoring others around him.
In worse cases, he becomes very dangerous and difficult to reach on an empathic level. He'll kill and destroy what he feels is necessary, going against his regular moral code.
- Vengeful and unforgiving when faced with enemies that persist after he warns them to stop. He'll feel that his personal sense of justice is violated and is very quick to anger because of it.
-His ego can feed into his darkness immensely. He will let his hubris get the better of him, doing terrible things. He'll often call himself 'clever,' to boast about himself.  
- Needs select company with him at all times, or he'll start becoming more and more callous, losing himself.
- Likes to babble, mixing important things with apparent nonsense, making him appear to act erratically. He switches between moods quickly, as a way of reverse psychology. He doesn't like to be 'figured out,' and will try to confuse others as much as he can.
- He tends to make people feel uncomfortable by being unintentionally insulting. This is a severe lack of empathy, which is a part of his partial insanity. He has found a way to detach himself from most painful situations, making him a very hard character to like at times.
User Notes - Has a British accent
- Very well-read and intelligent, always uses his wits to get himself out of situations
- has an incredible sense of taste, in the way that he can lick something and be able to divulge something from it.
- With the training from Gallifrey, he's done away with having to nap constantly and has harnessed his psychic powers. He isn't, however as strong as he could be if he were to evolve.
-Prolly gonna pair him up with Crusher eventually
-- relationship between the two: Crusher will mostly see him as a father figure.
- He doesn't consider the virus to be anything apocalyptic, but rather just a passage in time.
- He has a very strong faith/love for pokemon and humans, believing them to be inspirational and brilliant. But this is sometimes contradicted when he comes across something that is particularly cruel that these species do, where he'll accuse them of being terrible and short-sighted.
- His family was lost in the destruction of Gallifrey. He had gone back amidst the chaos to find them, but he had found them too late; all dead.
- His motive is to travel around the regions, seeking for things that interest him. He seeks out human locations, to find out what happened in the area and to track down how the whole epidemic started. This is really just out of intrigued curiosity though, as he doesn't see the epidemic as something terrible.
- He also is intrigued to see new species of pokemon that he hasn't come across before, and doesn't hesitate to get close and personal to figure them out.

-Fast- powerful
-Slow- passive

- black- despair, pain, anger, malicious intent
- red- confidence, tenacity, passion
- yellow- happiness
- blue- love, courage
- green- fear, envy
- purple- suspicion, distrust, guarded
- white- innocence, purity, awe
- brown- confusion, uncertainty
- orange- pride, vanity
- gray- sadness, melancholy
- none- undead. devoid of emotion
- void- negative aura

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