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Themes Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade
Electrifying Black Yin! (Pokemon White Battle Theme)
Item None
Gender Genderless (masculine)
Age Ancient
Species #644, Zekrom, the Deep Black Pokemon
Height 9'06"
Weight 760.6 lbs
Pokédex Entry "This legendary Pokémon can scorch the world with lightning. It assists those who want to build an ideal world."
Level Unknown
Ability Teravolt
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Strong Willed
Moves Fusion Bolt (level up)
Dragon Claw (level up)
Crunch (level up)
Zen Headbutt (level up)
History Zekrom's origins are shrouded in legend and mystery. According to Unovan lore, the region was founded and built upon by two brothers and their Pokemon, a powerful Dragon-type. The brothers each sought out different things in life; the older brother searched for the truth while the younger brother pursued ideals. Their dragon, unable to side with just one of them, split itself in two, one half becoming Reshiram and the other Zekrom.

Zekrom sided with the younger brother, and the two siblings and their Pokemon waged war against one another, fighting ruthlessly for their beliefs. Both Zekrom and Reshiram were equally matched in battle, with neither managing to ever take down the other. Eventually, the brothers realised that there would be no winner to this conflict and set their differences aside. But they both went on to father their own sons, who decided to carry on the fight in their place and pitting Zekrom and Reshiram against each other once more. Acknowledging that this chain of events would never end, Zekrom and Reshiram rebelled, using their powers of lightning and fire to destroy Unova. Afterward, the two of them retreated to separate locations and fell into deep slumbers, taking the forms of a pair of stones: the Light Stone and the Dark Stone.

An immense amount of time passed before Zekrom was once more stirred from his sleep. A young trainer by the name of Blair sought his help. Sensing that the boy's ideals were strong, the Dark Stone shook as its occupant awakened, exploding forth with a burst of lightning. Zekrom's wings were ready to soar the skies of Unova once more, and to fight for what he believed in. Reshiram had also been awakened, and was allied to a young man called N. The two trainers battled, both dragons once again pitted against one another. For the first time in history, one dragon exceeded the other as Reshiram fell to Zekrom's power.

Zekrom then helped Blair to defeat Ghetsis, the leader of the villainous organisation that was responsible for interrupting the dragons' slumber in the first place. Finally it was all over and they were all free, dragon and human alike. Zekrom was glad to see that Blair and N departed on good terms, and watched as his sibling soared away with the young man on his back. Zekrom continued to fight at Blair's side for some time, the boy's will and strong mind earning the dragon's trust.

But there came a day when the two were ready to part ways. Zekrom and his young hero said goodbye, and the dragon instructed Blair to return to Dragonspiral Tower should he ever need his help again. He took rest at the top of the tower, resuming his sleep and once again becoming the Dark Stone.

He stayed asleep for some time, until his consciousness was stirred by... a strange shift in the air. Unable to ignore it, Zekrom pulled himself out of his slumber, resuming his full form, and flew off to investigate. He was astounded and horror-struck at the sight of the undead hordes that were tainting his precious homeland and beyond. Determination fueled him as Zekrom set off across the regions to try and find some answers... and hopefully to find out if Blair is all right.
Appearance "Zekrom is a black, bipedal Pokémon resembling a dragon or dinosaur, with dark patches on various portions of its body. It has red scleras, white irises, and black pupils, as well as a small horn-like protrusion on the tip of its snout. Its head sports a thundercloud-like crest tipped with light-blue coloration. There are six pairs of pointed teeth visible when its mouth is open, two in the upper jaw and four in the lower. At the base of its neck is a black, stud-like feature, and atop its shoulders are similar, larger features resembling armor padding. The bases of its wings also have such padding, and a fanned, splayed, seemingly webbed shape with a small "wing-spike" on one edge. The lower length of Zekrom's arms extenuate into splayed, seemingly webbed, somewhat baseball-mitt-like formations, with three-clawed, dark-colored hands on the undersides. The front portion of Zekrom's waist is black-colored, with its belly and thighs having thin striations down their length. Its knees are black, as are the foremost parts of its three-clawed feet and spiked heels. Zekrom's tail consists of large, round, conical and spiked formation, likened to an electricity generator, with a black inner portion and bands on the tip of the outside portion." -Bulbapedia

  • Wise - Zekrom has lived for many ages. His knowledge about the Unova region in particular and its Pokemon is vast. He will gladly pass these teachings on to anyone who asks for them. The dragon knows what must be done to create a perfect, or 'ideal' world, and constantly strives to seek new answers to achieve that goal.
  • Loyal - Once he deems somebody worthy enough for him to stand by their side and fight, Zekrom's loyalty is unbinding. He will never abandon his hero, no matter how far apart they may be.
  • Strong - In both mind and body. Zekrom cares not for boasting, but he is prideful of his strength. His physical power in particular is what earns him his victories.
  • Confrontational - This is only if Zekrom's beliefs are ever challenged. He will vehemently fight to defend them.
  • Quick-tempered (see above) - While only one thing is guaranteed to get Zekrom truly angry, he is relentless to blasphemers and will not have any qualms in resorting to violence to protect his cause.
  • Selfless - The wellbeing of his hero is more important than his own. They are the mortal vessel for his beliefs and his cause. He will fight to the death to defend them, lest his dreams for an ideal world die alongside them.
  • Free-spirited - Nothing pleases Zekrom more than when he is awakened. Not only does he have another chance to fight for ideals, but at heart he is an adventurous soul. He will fly Unova's skies with great enjoyment and pride.
  • Compassionate - He cares about the feelings of others. His inborn instinct to vanquish imperfections compels him to work towards solutions. If you are worthy enough to befriend Zekrom, he'll always be there.
  • Sensible - Zekrom plans causes of action carefully; he is never rash or hasty. He is level-headed and intelligent, able to plan his way around most situations. He isn't afraid to take charge if necessary.
  • Noble - Zekrom is a righteous and honorable Pokemon with high moral principles. Despite his aggressive temper, he is a benevolent Pokemon overall, seeking the good out of existence.
  • Seeks perfection - Zekrom was literally born to pursue ideals, i.e the perfect world. Anything that taints this goal even in the slightest must be eliminated without question.

User Notes Reshiram is his brother. Zekrom deems himself the superior sibling since his victory over him, and tends to act arrogantly around him.

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