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Wings of Life Empty Wings of Life

Post by Giratina on Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:35 pm

The gift of Life, as well as Rebirth is mine to bestow, but at a cost to my power and energy. Those wishing to bring back loved ones must obtain first a Revival Ticket.


  • Revival Tickets can be used on your own or other user's characters, should both parties consent.
  • If a character is killed with the intention of revival, it must be posted on the character's death post for the body NOT to be completely obliterated. A semi-intact body is needed for revival.
  • This cannot be done with Omen Attacks.

  • Undead rules:

  • Discoloration remains
  • Little to no body deterioration (must be functioning enough for extended life)

  • Be careful what you wish for, when under great stress, some undead given the gift of life once again have experienced violent episodes reminiscent of their tainted life before my gift removed it from their form. Those few that experience this often return to stability with no memory of their deeds...

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