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Team Discussion Rules Empty Team Discussion Rules

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:20 am

Discussion threads are to be made for the sole purpose of discussing future plot and character development among included team members.

Team Discussion RP Thread - The Rules
While RP, by it's nature, is a form of improvisation, some planning is required for the story to have flow, character evolution and interesting and cohesive plot-driven actions.

  • Threads are to be made AND moderated by members. These threads will only be made as needed by our members, so it is up to whoever is in the team to create a thread.
  • Threads, when created, are to have the teams' name as the title, and nothing else. (i.e, The Pewter Team)
  • Only one thread per team.
  • Threads are to be created in the proper region.
  • As always, standard etiquette applies. Absolutely NO bullying or godmodding attempts.

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