Archeoptryx, the ARCHEOPS Evolution

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Archeoptryx, the ARCHEOPS Evolution Empty Archeoptryx, the ARCHEOPS Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:10 am

Created by Fox and Darastrix

As suggested by Darastrix:

Genders Possible Male, Female
Signature Moves None
Ability Defeatist
Type(s) Rock/Flying
Height 5’07”
Weight 80.5lbs
Species Archeopteryx, The Ancient Bird Pokemon
Pokédex Entry Very few fossils have been found of this mysterious pokemon. Its believed to have lived on high mountain tops thanks to the newfound strength in its wings after evolution.
Egg Groups Flying/Water 3
Evolution Line Archen --> Archeops --> Archeopteryx
Evolution Method Save a life while holding a Dragon Fang.
Origin of Name Dinosaur species it was named after
Stat Build High ATK, Mod SP ATK, Mod SPD
Moves by Level - Quick Attack
- Leer
- Wing Attack
- Rock Throw

5 Rock Throw
8 Double Team
11 Scary Face
15 Pluck
18 Ancientpower
21 Agility
25 Quick Guard
28 Acrobatics
31 Dragonbreath
35 Crunch
40 Endeavor
45 U-turn
51 Rock Slide
56 Dragon Claw
61 Thrash
75 Dragon Pulse
Moves by TM - Hone Claws
- Dragon Claw
- Roar
- Toxic
- Taunt
- Hyper Beam
- Protect
- Frustration
- Smack Down
- Earthquake
- Return
- Dig
- Double Team
- Sandstorm
- Rock Tomb
- Aerial Ace
- Torment
- Facade
- Rest
- Attract
- Round
- Focus Blast
- Acrobatics
- Shadow Claw
- Giga Impact
- Rock Polish
- Stone Edge
- Bulldoze
- Rock Slide
- Dragon Tail
- Swagger
- Pluck
- U-turn
- Substitute
- Rock Smash
- Cut
- Fly
Egg Moves - Bite
- Defog
- Dragon Pulse
- Earth Power
- Head Smash
- Knock Off
- Steel Wing
User Notes -It walks using both its back legs and wing fingers due to its wings becoming larger.
-When its not flying it can retract its wings so the feathers don't drag on the ground.
-Due to a 'dactyl' already existing, I adjusted the name to a slight alteration of the dinosaur it was inspired from, to make it a tribute to it while keeping the required beginning of the name and changing it from the old name enough.
- Didn't draw them, they were supplied with the suggestion by Darastrix.

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