Fairene, the ALT SHELGON Evolution

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Fairene, the ALT SHELGON Evolution Empty Fairene, the ALT SHELGON Evolution

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Created by Traumerei

Genders Possible Female/Male
Signature Moves Dragon's Bane
    Dual typed Dragon/Fairy move. Low accuracy. Physical Attack. The user lunges forward and aims for the target's legs. (Or if applicable, wings.) Lowers user's defense by two levels. Listed as a Dragon-type move.
Ability Thick Fat, Serene Grace (Hidden Ability)
Type(s) Dragon/Fairy
Height 5'06" || 1.68m
Weight 273.4lbs || 124.01kg
Species #??? Fairene, the Fae Pokemon
Pokédex Entry Well known for their amazing bulk and tough structure, Fairenes are often seen guarding the homes of other Fairy-types. Their many frills and wings can come in differing opacity.
Egg Groups Dragon
Evolution Line Bagon =(lvl30)=> Shelgon ==> Fairene
Evolution Method Must be level 50 or higher. Level up while having max friendship with a Fairy-type Pokemon.
Origin of Name Following Salamence's naming pattern, which is Salamander and Violence; Fairene has been named after Fairy and Serene.
Stat Build HP - 100
Attack - 80
Defense - 135
Sp. Atk - 80
Sp. Def - 110
Speed - 95
Total: 600
Movesets bold = STAB moves
Fairene can also know Draco Meteor via tutor or if both parents knew the move and passed it down via breeding.
Moves by Level - Rage [start]
- Bite [start]
- Leer [start]
- Headbutt [start]
- Bite [5]
- Leer [10]
- Headbutt [16]
- Focus Energy [20]
- Ember [25]
- Protect [30]
- Dragon Breath [32]
- Zen Headbutt [37]
- Scary Face [43]
- Fly [50]
- Flame Charge [51]
- Disarming Voice [53]
- Fairy Wind [55]
- Misty Terrain [57]
- Psybeam [59]
- Lucky Chant [60]
- Flamethrower [62]
- Dragon Pulse [64]
- Play Rough [66]
- Moonblast [68]
- Dragon's Bane [79]
Moves by TM All of Shelgon's TM Moves
- Calm Mind [tm04]
- Hyper Beam [tm15]
- Roost [tm19]
- Earthquake [tm26]
- Psychic [tm29]
- Sandstorm [tm37]
- Steel Wing [tm51]
- Incinerate [tm59]
- Giga Impact [tm68]
- Thunderwave [tm73]
- Bulldoze [tm78]
- Dragon Tail [tm82]
- Rock Smash [tm94]
- Dazzling Gleam [tm99]
- Fly [hm02]
Egg Moves All of the Bagon Line's bred moves.
Biology One of the few dragons that are able to happily co-exist with Fairy-types, Fairenes sport a large bulky frame and strong structure. Instead of scales covering it's body it instead wears a thick, leathery skin that is a lighter shade of it's cousin's, Salamence's, scales. They have large, frilled wings that are able to have differing opacity but stay relatively in the same color range: rose. The many frills on it's body are silk-like in texture and are mostly for display. It is rumoured the grander the frills are the more powerful the Fairene is.

Fairenes happy live with other fairy-types as both protector and friend. Having evolved due to a strong friendship with them, these dragons are exceptionally loyal to their fairy companions. They are there to make up for the fairy's weaknesses, using a mixture of fire, psychic, and ground-type moves to dispel steel and poison types. There is usually a single Fairene among a large cluster of fae.
User Notes
  • Designed by Cedric
  • Big thanks to those in the EJ Skype Chat for helping me with the idea. Signature Move name credit goes to Happy Lunatic.
  • Signature move is a dual-typed move. The only other dual typed move in the game is Flying Press, the signature move of Hawlucha. In order to make sure the move is not overpowered it has a low accuracy and also uses one of Fairene's lowest stats. (Attack, 80) Furthermore, it lowers Fairene's best stat, making it both a bane against dragons as it is to the user, who is also a dragon.
  • Moveset is mostly geared for status and protection, mixed in with attacks that also have a secondary effect. It's moveset is mainly designed to go against dragons and the types Fairy-type is weak against.
  • Fairene's stats are a complete inverse of Salamence's stats.
  • Shares the same type effectiveness as Mega Altaria

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