Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution

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Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution Empty Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:52 am

Created by Storm

Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution 2l8yftk

Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution 2mwzgw4

Drakeon, the DRAGON Eeveelution 2z7W6oS
Sprite by Cinderspark

Genders Possible M/F
Signature Moves Dragon Bond - Does 20 damage per dragon type on the team.
Ability Mold Breaker: The Pokémon's moves are not affected by foe’s abilities during battle.
Type(s) Dragon
Height 3’03”
Weight 59.5lbs
Species #??? Drakeon - Small Dragon Pokemon
Pokédex Entry This pokemon has only been seen in times of great crisis. It's believed to be the strongest of it's evolutions.
Egg Groups Field
Evolution Line Eevee => Drakeon
Evolution Method Learn Dragon Bond.
Origin of Name Drake+Eon
Stat Build High Defence, Moderate Attack, Low Speed
Moves by Level - Tail Whip
- Tackle
- Helping Hand

5 Sand-attack
9 Dragon Rage
13 Quick Attack
17 Bite
20 Dragonbreath
25 Dragon Tail
29 Last Resort
33 Mean Look
37 Dragon Dance
41 Dragon Pulse
45 Heal Block
Moves by TM TM02 Dragon Claw
TM06 Toxic
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM17 Protect
TM18 Rain Dance
TM21 Frustration
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM32 Double Team
TM42 Facade
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM48 Round
TM49 Echoed Voice
TM67 Retaliate
TM82 Dragon Tail
TM83 Work Up
TM87 Swagger
TM90 Substitute.
Egg Moves - Charm
- Flail
- Endure
- Curse
- Tickle
- Wish
- Yawn
- Fake Tears
- Covet
- Detect
- Natural Gift
- Stored Power
- Synchronoise
User Notes - Drakeon is one of the larger eeveelutions.
- Because of it's rareness, Drakeon was believed to be nothing but a legend until proven otherwise.
- He live's deep within caves, coming out ever so often. It's never been seen by humans in the wild.

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