Drudie, the DRUDDIGON Pre-Evolution

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Drudie, the DRUDDIGON Pre-Evolution Empty Drudie, the DRUDDIGON Pre-Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:42 am

Created by Winter

Drudie, the DRUDDIGON Pre-Evolution 6opzmc

Drudie, the DRUDDIGON Pre-Evolution DaAqpYQ

Name of Fakemon-

Genders possible-

Signature Moves-

Rough Skin: The opponent is hurt by 1/16th of his maxium Hit Points of recoil when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.




National dex # /Pokemon Species-
#??? Drudie - The Cave Pokemon

Pokédex Entry-
This pokemons' wings are too weak to fly. It uses the horn on its nose to dig for bugs.

Egg field-

Evolution line-
Drudie > Druddigon

Evolution Method-
Must reach max happyness while in a cave. Type of cave plays no part in the evolution.

Origin of name-
Drud + Die

STAT build-
High Defence - Low Attack - Low Speed


-By level:
- Leer
- Scratch
5 Hone Claws
9 Bite
13 Scary Face
18 Dragon Rage
23 Slash
27 Dragon Claw
31 Chip Away
37 Dragon Rush

-Moves learnt by TM:
Same as Druddigon in Gen5

-Egg moves:
Same as Druddigon in Gen 5

User Note-
This pokemon is rarly seen by humans, it lives deep in caves where there are small cracks in the roof for sunlight to come through which it can use to keep its body warm. It mostly eats small bugs if it's on it's own, and will eat anything else if its provided for it by its mother. Because of its small wings it can't fly, but it can use them to slow itself down if it falls off a large rock or its mothers head where it is mostly seen resting.

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