Cavastion, the SKARMORY Evolution

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Cavastion, the SKARMORY Evolution Empty Cavastion, the SKARMORY Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:31 am

Created by Winter

Cavastion, the SKARMORY Evolution 2ldcc3l

Cavastion, the SKARMORY Evolution CdtOrM

Name of Fakemon-

Genders possible-

Signature Moves-
Coup De Grâce: A swift, precise slash with their wings at the foe- mainly to the neck. Before the initial attack the wing begins to glow a gold colour and grow longer and sharper, before swung at the enemy.

Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy.
Battle Armor: Opponent’s moves cannot Critical Hit.




National dex # /Pokemon Species-
#??? Cavastion - The Cavalier Pokemon

Pokédex Entry-
It's noble complexion and nature gives it a royal air. It is said that this Pokemon will protect any who are in danger.

Egg field-

Evolution line-
Skarmory > Cavastion

Evolution Method-
Hold Metal Coat while saving someone's life.

Origin of name-
Cavalier + Bastion

STAT build-
High Defense - High Attack - Moderate Speed


-By level:
- Swords Dance
- Peck
6 Sand-attack
9 Swift
12 Agility
17 Fury Attack
20 Feint
23 Air Cutter
28 Spikes
31 Metal Sound
34 Steel Wing
39 Autotomize
42 Air Slash
45 Slash
48 Magnet Bomb
50 Night Slash
57 Meteor Mash
68 Brave Bird
70 Sky Attack
72 Coup De Grâce

-Moves learnt by TM:
Same as Skarmory in Gen5

-Egg moves:
Same as Skarmory in Gen5

User Note-
Unlike Skarmories that are naturally aggressive and angry, Cavastions are oddly calm individuals who prefer to live a life in a flock. Males tend to guard the flock by flying on it’s outsides, acting like knights to their children and mates who fly near the middle of the formation. Cavastions seem to naturally help others, much like noble knights. However, some have been observed to be haughty and disdainful.

Image and Information are Luteshi's, I just did the tweeking.

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