Elifile, the GIRAFARIG Evolution

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Elifile, the GIRAFARIG Evolution Empty Elifile, the GIRAFARIG Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:21 am

Created by Silverishness

Elifile, the GIRAFARIG Evolution Pbucket

Elifile, the GIRAFARIG Evolution DH2FjEd

Name- Elifile

Genders possible- M/F

Signature Moves- N/A

Ability- Inner focus/ Early Bird

Type/s- Normal/ Psychic

Height- 7'07"

Weight- 213.8 lbs

#???/ Elifile, the Palendrome Pokemon

Pokédex Entry- The brain in its tail has developed to the point where it can strategize with the main head. The two brains can communicate telepathically.

Egg type- Field

Evolution line- Peeweep --> Girafarig --> Elifile

Evolution Method- The trainer must massage the tail with a sweet incense.

Origin of name- Elihphile- one who loves palendromes

STAT build- Same as Girafarig's


-By level:
START: Power Swap
START: Guard Swap
START: Astonish
START: Headbutt
START: Tackle
START: Confusion
lvl 5: Stomp
lvl 12: Agility
lvl 17: Psybeam
lvl 25: Baton Pass
lvl 30: Double Hit
lvl 35: Telekinesis
lvl 43: Zen Headbutt
lvl 50: Crunch
lvl 59: Shadow Ball

By TM:
-All Girafarig's TM moves in Gen 5

Egg moves:
-Girafarig's in Gen 5

User Notes:

Sometimes the two heads can be thought of opposite sides of one person, the light and dark or yin and yang. The rear tail rarely, if ever, speaks to anyone other than the main head. The two heads can understand human speech.

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