Teasel, the SNEASEL Pre-Evolution

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Teasel, the SNEASEL Pre-Evolution Empty Teasel, the SNEASEL Pre-Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:14 am

Created by Silverishness

Teasel, the SNEASEL Pre-Evolution The_more_you__re_gonna_get_by_birdmaddgirl-d4d6uuq
Image by Anathema

Teasel, the SNEASEL Pre-Evolution 87p7O98

   Name of Fakemon-

   Genders possible-

   Signature Moves-

Inner Focus/ Keen Eye

Dark/ Ice


36. 5 lbs

   National dex # /Pokemon Species-
???/ Teasel, the Sharp Claw Pokemon

   Pokédex Entry-
It is known as a prankster at heart, but its small legs and awkward form prove it to be a clumsy one. It enjoys stealing shiny objects and candy.

   Egg field-

   Evolution line-
Teasel--> Sneasel--> Weavile

   Evolution Method-
Happiness+ Nighttime

   Origin of name-
Tease+ weasel

   STAT build-
High ATTACK and DEFENSE. Lows are tied between SPEED and SPECIAL DEFENSE.

Sneasel's. It does not change.

   -By level:

   -Moves learnt by TM:

   [i]-Egg moves:[/1]

   User Note-
Its cry mimics that of a human baby so trainers would comfort it and trust it, giving it more of an edge when it tries to steal something. In this case, its cuteness is a serious defense, as it's generally the only thing saving it from other trainers from beating it away from their homes.

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