Zorombra, the ZOROARK Evolution

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Zorombra, the ZOROARK Evolution Empty Zorombra, the ZOROARK Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:08 am

Created by Silverishness

Zorombra, the ZOROARK Evolution 8bVcCsn

Zorombra, the ZOROARK Evolution ZnBiUQm

   Name of Fakemon-Zorombra

   Genders possible- M/F

   Signature Moves- Mind Bend: The user uses its illusory abilities to bend the opponent's mind to it's will. (Power: ---, Type: Psychic, Acc: 100%, Status move) The affected opponent's stats (ATT, DEF, SP. ATT, SP. ATT, SPEED) drop by 1 stage.

   Ability- Illusion

   Type/s- Dark/ Psychic

   Height- 6'0"

   Weight- 203. 5 lbs

   National dex # /Pokemon Species- ???/ Zorombra, the Mind Illusionist Pokemon

   Pokédex Entry- Zorombra was a pokemon feared in medieval times, sought out as witches' familiars. They seemed to have disappeared after the Witch Trials, keeping to the shadows. It can implant false memories into its victims.

   Egg field- Field

   Evolution line- Zorua-> Zoroark-> Zorombra

   Evolution Method- The pokemon must have mastered its illusory skills by convincing another pokemon/ being to commit an act against their own nature + lvl up. (Something the victim would never do.)

   Origin of name- Zoro+ Ombra

   STAT build- High ST. ATT, High SPEED, Moderate ATT, Low Defenses and HP


   -By level:
START: Tackle
START: U- Turn
START: Pursuit
START: Hone Claws
lvl 5: Pursuit
lvl 9: Hone Claws
lvl 13: Fury Swipes
lvl 16: Faint Attack
lvl 20: Confusion
lvl 24: Taunt
lvl 28: Foul Play
lvl 32: Extrasensory
lvl 36: Torment
lvl 42: Punishment
lvl 48: Psychic
lvl 54: Night Daze
lvl 59: Nasty Plot
lvl 64: Mind Bend

   -Moves learnt by TM:
Any Zoroark or Zorua learn in case I forget one
TM 01: Hone Claws
TM 03: Psyshock
TM 04: Calm Mind
TM 05: Roar
TM 06: Toxic
TM 10: Hidden Power
TM 12: Taunt
TM 16: Light Screen
TM 21: Frustration
TM 27: Return
TM 28: Dig
TM 29: Psychic
TM 30: Shadow Ball
TM 32: Double Team
TM 35: Flamethrower
TM 40: Aerial Ace
TM 41: Torment
TM 42: Facade
TM 46: Attract
TM 52: Focus Blast
TM 54: False Swipe
TM 59: Incinerate
TM 60: Quash
TM 63: Embargo
TM 65: Shadow Claw
TM 66: Payback
TM 67: Retaliate
TM 85: Dream Eater
TM 87: Swagger
TM 89: U-Turn
TM 90: Substitute
TM 92: Trick Room
TM 95: Snarl

   -Egg moves:
Any of Zorua's egg moves

   User Note-
These pokemon are generally not the best kind, as their evolutionary methods require a lot of deceit. Therefore, not many were missed when they disappeared. Many witches and wizards were thought to be Zorombra in disguise, and these pokemon were treated as such. These pokemon are intelligent and detail-oriented in order to pull off their grand illusions.

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