Absin, the ABSOL Evolution

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Absin, the ABSOL Evolution Empty Absin, the ABSOL Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:00 am

Created by Silverishness

Absin, the ABSOL Evolution Esj07KG

Absin, the ABSOL Evolution Pbucket

   Name of Fakemon- Absin

   Genders possible- M/F

   Signature Moves- None

   Ability- Anticipation/ Super Luck||Hidden: Magic Bounce

   Type/s- Dark/Psychic

   Height- 5'6"

   Weight- 138.9 lbs

   National dex # /Pokemon Species- #???/ Absin the Prophet Pokemon

   Pokédex Entry- It is known as a herald of a true catastrophe, only emerging to humans when a cataclysmic event is about to occur. It is said the red markings on its body are its eyes. Its tail has evolved to become long and whip-like, with a scythe on the end. When angered, it decapitates and dismembers its enemies with ease.

   Egg field- Field

   Evolution line- Absol --> Absin

   Evolution Method- Lvl up near/in a disaster.

   Origin of name- Absolute+ Sin

   STAT build-
HP: 65
SPEED: 120
TOTAL: 560


   -By level:
Same as Absol

   -Moves learnt by TM:
Same as Absol

   -Egg moves:
Same as Absol

   User Note-
I know his design is a little odd, but after researching Absol's origins -there are many @_@- I came to find that its probable main inspiration was a man-faced goat that kind of worked like a demonic ominous presence. Kinda like the Grim in English folklore, except instead of just a messenger, this guy's a little more sinister. Needless to say, I incorporated a lot more of its traditional features into the design. Also scythes.
I also tweaked the stat build to be similar, but not the same and overall lower than Mega Absol to keep Mega Absol's validity.

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