Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution

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Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution Empty Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:59 am

Created by Silverishness
Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution MWhAw8L

Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution Ldb4lmS

Luxyara, the ALT LUXIO Evolution M0cM27l
Sprite by Duma

Name of Fakemon- Luxyara (lux - EE - are - AH)

Genders possible- M/F

Signature Moves- None

Ability- Intimidate, Rivalry, Lightningrod Hidden

Type/s- Electric/Flying

Height- 3'11" | 1.2 m

Weight- 46.3 lb | 21kg

National dex # /Pokemon Species- #??? - Luxyara; The Griffon Pokemon

Pokédex Entry- This rare Pokemon's feathers are a valuable prize for a daring hunter, but very few are successful because of it's dangerous electrical attacks.

Egg field- Field

Evolution line- Shinx ==> Luxio ==> Luxyara

Evolution Method- Level up while holding a Zapdos Feather.

Origin of name- Lux(Meaning light) + Yara(Australian-Aboriginal meaning Sea Bird)

STAT build- High Speed, Moderate Attack, Low Defense and Special Defense, High Special Attack


-By level:
-START| Leer
-START| Tackle
-START| Scratch
-Level 09| Charge
-Level 13| Spark
-Level 15| Acrobatics
-Level 18| Bite
-Level 23| Roar
-Level 25| Air Slash
-Level 28| Swagger
-Level 33| Thunder Fang
-Level 38| Crunch
-Level 43| Scary Face
-Level 45| Sky Drop
-Level 48| Discharge
-Level 53| Wild Charge
-Level 56| Hurricane
-Level 62| Sky Attack
-Level 65| Zap Cannon

-Moves learnt by TM:
-TM 04| Calm Mind
-TM 05| Roar
-TM 06| Toxic
-TM 07| Hail
-TM 10| Hidden Power
-TM 11| Sunny Day
-TM 15| Hyper Beam
-TM 17| Protect
-TM 18| Rain Dance
-TM 21| Frustration
-TM 24| Thunderbolt
-TM 25| Thunder
-TM 27| Return
-TM 28| Dig
-TM 30| Shadow Ball
-TM 32| Double Team
-TM 40| Aerial Ace
-TM 42| Facade
-TM 45| Rest
-TM 46| Thief
-TM 57| Charge Beam
-TM 58| Sky Drop
-TM 62| Acrobatics
-TM 67| Retaliate
-TM 72| Volt Switch
-TM 73| Thunder Wave
-TM 88| Pluck
-TM 90| Substitute
-TM 93| Wild Charge
-TM 94| Secret Power
-TM 95| Snarl
-TM 100| Confide
-HM 02| Fly
-HM 04| Strength

-Egg moves: Same as Shinx in Gen 6

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