Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution

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Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution Empty Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:55 am

Created by Silverishness
Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution Pbucket

Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution FAheteT

Aiveon, the FLYING Eeveelution 1cLeLVh
Sprite by Cinderspark


Genders possible- M/F

Signature Moves- N/A

Ability- Cloud Nine||Hidden: Gale Wings

Type/s- Flying

Height- 3'8"

Weight- 67.4 lbs

#???/ Aiveon, the Nebula Pokemon

Pokédex Entry- Its bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.

Egg type- Field

Evolution line- Eevee (prevo)

Evolution Method- Level up while battling in the sky

Origin of name- Avian/ Aviation + -eon

STAT build-
HP: 65
ATT: 130
DEF: 65
SP ATT: 110
SP DEF: 60
SPD: 95


-By level:
START: Tackle
START: Tail Whip
START: Helping Hand
lvl 5: Sand Attack
lvl 9: Acrobatics
lvl 13: Quick Attack
lvl 17: Bite
lvl 20: Air Slash
lvl 25: Sky Drop
lvl 29: Last Resort
lvl 33: Rain Dance
lvl 37: Roost
lvl 41: Brave Bird
lvl 45: Hurricane

By TM:
-All Eevee's TM moves in Gen 5 in case I forget one
-TM 04| Calm Mind
-TM 06| Toxic
-TM 07| Hail
-TM 10| Hidden Power
-TM 11| Sunny Day
-TM 15| Hyper Beam
-TM 18| Rain Dance
-TM 21| Frustration
-TM 27| Return
-TM 28| Dig
-TM 30| Shadow Ball
-TM 32| Double Team
-TM 40| Aerial Ace
-TM 42| Facade
-TM 45| Rest
-TM 46| Thief
-TM 58| Sky Drop
-TM 62| Acrobatics
-TM 67| Retaliate
-TM 79| Frost Breath
-TM 88| Pluck
-TM 90| Substitute
-HM 02| Fly

Egg moves:
-Eevee's in Gen 6

Tutor moves:
-Heal Bell
-Helping Hand
-Hyper Voice
-Iron Tail
-Last Resort
-Aqua Tail
-Sky Attack

User Notes:

It has an amiable nature, mostly. It enjoys flying. Its ears are also used as rudders for flying. It's one of the larger eeveelutions.

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