Reneon, the GROUND type Eeveelution

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Reneon, the GROUND type Eeveelution Empty Reneon, the GROUND type Eeveelution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:52 am

Created by Silverishness

Reneon, the GROUND type Eeveelution Pbucket

Reneon, the GROUND type Eeveelution IBk0kjH

   Name of Fakemon- Reneon

   Genders possible- M/F

   Signature Moves- N/A

   Ability- Sandstream||Hidden: Sand Force

   Type/s- Ground

   Height- 3'3"

   Weight- 62.5 lbs

   National dex # /Pokemon Species- ???/ Reneon, the Pharaoh Pokemon

   Pokédex Entry- In ancient times, this pokemon was a constant companion for pharaohs and the royal families. If slaves were caught with one, they were put to death and the pokemon was adopted by the royals.

   Egg field- Field

   Evolution line- Eevee--> Reneon

   Evolution Method- lvl up with Pharoah Hood on

   Origin of name- Ren (Spanish for sand) + -eon

   STAT build-
HP: 95
ATT: 130
DEF: 60
SP ATT: 65
SP DEF: 65
SPD: 110


   -By level:
START: Tackle
START: Tail Whip
START: Helping Hand
lvl 5: Sand Attack
lvl 9: Magnitude
lvl 13: Quick Attack
lvl 17: Bite
lvl 20: Earth Power
lvl 25: Sand Tomb
lvl 29: Last Resort
lvl 33: Earthquake
lvl 37: Snarl
lvl 41: Punishment
lvl 45: Fissure

   -Moves learnt by TM:
-All Eevee's TM moves in Gen 5 in case I forget one
-TM 04| Calm Mind
-TM 06| Toxic
-TM 10| Hidden Power
-TM 12| Taunt
-TM 17| Protect
-TM 21| Frustration
-TM 23| Smack Down
-TM 26| Earthquake
-TM 27| Return
-TM 28| Dig
-TM 30| Shadow Ball
-TM 32| Double Team
-TM 37| Sandstorm
-TM 39| Rock Tomb
-TM 42| Facade
-TM 44| Rest
-TM 45| Attract
-TM 66| Payback
-TM 67| Retaliate
-TM 78| Bulldoze
-TM 87| Swagger
-TM 90| Substitute
-TM 94| Rock Smash
-TM 95| Snarl

   -Egg moves:
Same as Eevee's in Gen 6

  -Tutor Moves:
-Heal Bell
-Helping Hand
-Hyper Voice
-Iron Tail
-Last Resort
-Earth Power
-Stealth Rock
-Knock Off
-Aqua Tail

   User Note-
Reneon, as being the pets of ancient nobles, were revered and feared in their time. Most of them died with their masters, their race and evolution being forgotten and knowledge of how to evolve lost to the winds. Not many humans would know how to evolve one without research, and pokemon would probably know less. However, in crypts, their pictures can be found on the walls, carved onto the sarcophagi, and even found buried with their masters.

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