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Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries Empty Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries

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Here is a list compiled of all the Fakemon sprites, site avatars, and "bulbapedia" entries currently available for use.

All Fakemon avatars currently available can also be found here

All Fakemon sprites and bulbapedia entries currently available can also be found on their individual Fakemon threads


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Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries Zwf6BY

Sprites by Cinderspark
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries IpEyqa0 Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries MZzI9Pb Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries 1cLeLVh Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries 9pzPbSh Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries LUqrhbL
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries 2z7W6oS Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries VzjFdmG Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries YOFImtu Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries BTTihyl
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries PalikGs Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries GwUIkgL

Sprites by Duma
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries 2JyCH74 Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries DHBTk5s Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries M0cM27l

Sprites by Min
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries Pbucket Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries 3132byu

Sprites by Maximum
Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries Tumblr_inline_oslsaxfuKr1r82t0h_100 Fakemon Sprites, Avatars, and Bulbapedia Entries Tumblr_inline_oslscnkyGB1r82t0h_100

Bulbapedia entries:
All Fakemon bulbapedia entries were written here on EJ by Duma. These can be copy/pasted into the "Bulbapedia" fields when using our Profile Templates.

Drumber is a small, dark grey reptilian Pokémon with smooth skin. It has two horns on the side of its head, a short, rounded snout, and a round, black and white yin-yang on its belly. Its short arms lack fingers, while its feet are small and rounded. It has a short tail that sticks straight out as a counterbalance. Its eyes are a slate green.

Wyvoid is a dark grey, quadruped Pokémon with a long neck and a white crest. Its legs are muscular with mirroring markings on each leg, and three small, pointed claws. Each leg has swapped patterns with white on the front left leg and rear right leg and black on its front right leg and read left leg. It has two white spines coming from its cheeks and two more dark grey horns from the back of its head. Its chest is split in half with the left side being black and the right side being white. It has black sclera and slate green eyes.

Hydrabyss is a long, serpentine Pokémon with dark grey scales, with white and black markings that mirror each other. It's front left leg and rear right leg are white, while the front right leg and read left leg are black. Each has a small circle of the opposite color above them, near the top to give ti a yin-yang marking. Its slate grey eyes are dark and glossy. It has a white masked face and black markings over its eyes. Its head is flanked by two large arched white horns and two smaller, black horns below them. In between the two horns are small black orbs that float mid-air. On its snout are two large feathery dark grey whiskers that look like ribbons. Its tail is tipped in a club that is shaped like one side of a yin-yang. It has symmetrical markings.


Luxyara is a quadrupedal Pokémon resembling a griffon. While its hind legs and torso are feline-like in their shape, its front legs, face and wings are eagle-like in their looks. Much of its body is covered with shaggy, black fur and it has two large wings that resemble Zapdos's wings. The fur is longer around the shoulders, chest, the base of the tail and on the forelegs. On top of its head is a static helmet of hard fur that stays in place while its mane is freely flowing. The mane is larger on the male than on the female. It has yellow eyes with red sclera, a eagle-like beak, and rounded ears with yellow insides and black triangle-shaped fur on top of them. On each forearm is a clump of sharp yellow feathers. Its long, thin tail is tipped with a yellow four-pointed star that has a tuft at the end.

Absin is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with a dark blue to gray body with red eye-like markings on it's sides and large tufts of blue-black fur on it's hind legs. It has a ruff around its neck and chest that grows along its spine and up over it's head and eyes, which is adorned with a single red-pink jewel. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a long, whiplike tail with a blade on the end, and two long goat-like horns that grow from its forehead. Its small feet are equipped with three claws each, and white spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs.


Nitemare is an equine Pokémon with four slender legs and white hooves. Its body is dark grey-brown-colored with visible bones jutting from its skin, and it has a horn on its forehead that is almost scythe-like. It also has small grey eyes and pointed ears with white insides. Ethereal white flames stream from its neck, down its back, and its fetlocks. It has large rib protrusions that curve around its body and reach above its back. Flames also form this Pokémon's tail.

Phanteon has a sleek purple body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has long gaseous ears and a large, wispy gaseous tail, as well as a wisp of 'fluff' on its forehead and on their wrists and ankles. The gas-like areas are colored a dark purple. It roams around at night, usually sticking to one person or area. It is also capable of phasing through walls and ceilings as though they weren't there. This Pokémon is rare in the wild, and is a result of an eevee's soul being bound to Earth because of it's love for it's trainer.


Houndusk is a quadruped, canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white ring of bone with a skull-shaped bone between every two tooth-like bones. Each foot is covered in bone with holes above each paw, which goes up to the wrists on the forelegs and the ankles of the hind legs. It also has four ribs of bone that sow from its back. Male Houndusk have a long, bony tail with a triangular tip. On top of its head is a bony helmet that covers the top of its face and has two large horns that curve under it's jawbone.

On females the bone around its neck is a band that goes around the back of its neck and it has an arrow-shaped bone growth on its throat with a smaller, diamond-shaped bone growth above it as well as another two strips of bone that grows above the band around its neck. Instead of bone that covers the foot, female Houndusk have two bands of bone around each ankle with a triangle shaped bone above the top band on each foot. it also has five spikes at the base of its tail and two bands just below the barbed tip. On its head is two long bone horns that have an angled curve that goes straight after the horns curve in a semicircle so that the tips go straight under the jawline. It also has two spikes on it forehead.

Zorombra is a bipedal, gray-brown, fox-like Pokémon with rust brown and yellow accents. It has a pointed snout and ears with black insides. It also has some yellow rimming its eyes, ears and mouth. It has a large, rust brown, voluminous mane with yellow tips, which somewhat resembles a ponytail, as two magenta bangles down its length separates two masses of the mane from the lower portion. It has a yellow ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier and are covered in rust brown fur. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, and it has black claws on its hands and feet. Zorombra's eyes are yellow-rimmed with neon green blue irises. On its head are two twisted yellow horns and a magenta orb sits on its forehead.

Delectroke is a canine, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is mainly black with a spiky, yellow mantle and yellow boots of fur on its feet that go up to its elbows. Its mantle is more dense around the chest area and sticks straight up and has multiple jagged points. It has a jagged upper jaw, teal eyes, and two yellow jacketed ears with black insides. Its yellow, spike-like tail is bent at sharp angles, making it look like a lightning bolt.

Teasel is a quadrupedal Pokémon that resembles a ferret. It is primarily bluish black with three bright red feathers for its tail and a single one on its left ear. The ear feather is shorter on the female than on the male. On its forehead are yellow, oval markings, with the one closer to the red feathered ear smaller than the other. It has wide, childish red eyes. Its paws have two large, retractable claws each.

Elifile is a hoofed quadruped Pokémon with a long neck. There is a white mask on its head, which ends with its round, pink nose. It has two feather-like horns with bulbous tips on top of its head. Its front half is yellow with brown spots, while its back half is brown with yellow spots. The female Elifile has a smaller dark section than the male. There are many feather-like, pink tufts along its back. Its tail is sentient and is able to telepathically communicate with the main head, and it has two pink feathery 'ears' and pink eyes.

Oreon has a sleek silver body with four slender legs and yellow eyes. It has steel, triangle-shaped ears and a long wire-like tail with a copper tuft at the end. Its forehead has an orb of metal on it, and one more on each temple. The two orbs on it temple are connected with steel wire. Its ankles have more steel triangle-shaped growths on them. Its neck is ringed with stones and its back is lined with rocks. It has keen eyes sight, able to see in even pitch black environments. Its able to use its steel hard plates on its paws and ears to cut through obstacles that get in its path. Though the fur coming out of its tail looks soft to the touch, it is actually very rough and can draw blood if touched the wrong way.

Reneon has a sleek brown body with four slender legs and gold eyes. It has a mane of tan fur the resembles a pharaoh's hood and four gold rings around its neck. It has long rounded ears and a long whip-like with a tan tuft of fur at the end, with a gold band around the beginning of the tan fur, as well as another gold ring around its right foot. Reneon, as being the pets of ancient nobles, were revered and feared in their time. In crypts, their pictures can be found on the walls, carved onto the sarcophagi, and even found buried with their masters.

Aiveon is a quadruped Pokémon with three small toes and a lilac paw pad on each foot. It has long feathered ears, bright blue eyes, and a small black nose. Its body is covered in lilac purple fur. However, its feathered ears, cloud-like collar, paws, feathered ankles and a tuft of fur on its head are white. It has two large white wings on its rear, which give ith the ability of flight. It's ears are also used as rudders for flying. Aiveon has an amiable nature, mostly. It enjoys flying.

Arachneon has a sleek green body with six slender legs and six crimson compound eyes. It has sharp insect-like mandibles. It has long pointed ears and two spider-leg like tails, each tail is tipped with a sharp grey nail. Its tails are attached to its hindquarters with exoskeleton-like plating down its back. It tends to be a shy pokemon, or rather, not one to venture out often, hermiting itself in the wild. Their habitats are mostly underground, much like trap spiders, though some are fond of tree life.

Direyena is a quadruped Pokémon that is based on a wolf. Its body is a mixture of black and gray fur, with black lower legs, clawed feet, and tail. It has dark, triangular streak patterns below its eyes that connect to the fur down it's back and chest, and the eyes have black sclera and red irises. Its ears are triangle-shaped with dark insides, its nose is red, and it has gray paw pads. It has a shaggy mantle of black fur.

Sawsdoe is a brown and cream deer-like Pokémon with rhomboid ears and darker ear insides. Its eyes have light-orange markings that curve across to its cheeks. It has a dark-brown nose, and it sports cream fur on its chin and sides of its face. Light-orange stripes rim its underbelly, and its back is decorated with spots corresponding to the season: pink in spring, green in summer, orange in fall, and white in winter. Its limbs are slender and tipped with hooves. Its brown tail points up throughout all the seasons. Sawsdoe live in herds led by the Sawsbuck with the most splendid antlers. It can live almost anywhere as they adapt to the season, but prefer to live away from humans.

Cavastion is a silver-gray, avian Pokémon with a long, metallic blue neck, legs, and tail. It has a steel knights helmet that covers it's face with a long red plume coming from a gold band on the helmet. Down its head and neck are gold cogs that connect to a gold and steel grey neckguard. Its wings are more birdlike with the primary feathers as razor sharp red feathers connected by gold secondary steel feathers. Its feet have three toes on them, two in front and one in back, and its tail has hooked ends. On its heels is another golden cog.

Liphin is a large, blue dolphin-like Pokémon with a pair of small blue fins. It has a yellow "mask" over its gold eyes. Its tail is also colored yellow. Liphin's yellow orbs have moved from its dorsal fin to on its forehead and the nape of its neck, leaving its dorsal fin free to help steer it when it's swimming. These orbs contain a colony of bacteria that create a chemical reaction, which generates electricity in a similar fashion to that of a battery. Sometimes on full moon nights, groups of Liphin will gather near the surface and jump out of the water, their lights glowing brightly as they sing to the moon.


Infernium is an equine Pokémon with four slender legs and black hooves. Its body is cream-colored, and it has a spiral horn on its forehead. It also has small orange eyes and pointed ears with red insides. Red and orange flames stream from neck, chest, back, and its fetlocks. The flames on its back shape its long fiery tail. Large cream feathered wings sit on its shoulders, and are large enough to enable flight.

Druddiking is a large, blue, draconic Pokémon with large-sized dragon-like. Its bright red head is harder than rock and is very rough. It has a set of glaring, ferocious pale yellow irises. With evolution, its legs have grown longer and allow it to stand on four legs with its shoulders and chest standing a little higher than its rear end. It has a thick, whip-like long tail and sharp claws on both the hands and feet. It also has tall, conical, red spikes; two on its shoulders on each arm, a large cluster on its hindquarters, a row going down its tail, and four on the tip of its tail. It also has a large row of rock hard spines now its neck and back, as well as a large cluster on its forearms. It has a long reptilian snout, bearing a maw with no discernible teeth; instead, small fang-like protrusions sprout from its jaws. It has a series of olive, plate-like scales running across its belly.


Druddie is a small, blue, draconic Pokémon with small wings shaped like tree leaves. Its bright red head is harder than rock and is very rough. It has a set of wide, observant dark orange irises. Its arms are longer than its legs and it stands upright on two legs. It has a thick but small tail and sharp claws on both the hands and feet. It also has short, stubby, red spikes; two on each arm, one on each shoulder, two on each leg, and three on its tail. It has a blunt, stup-nosed snout, bearing a maw with no discernible teeth; instead, two small fang-like protrusions sprout from its upper jaw and a pointed spike on its nose. It has a series of olive, snake-like scales running across its belly.

Persian is a large, quadruped, feline Pokémon. Its fur is pale tan with the exception of its black-rimmed ears, light brown paws and tail. It has a short muzzle with a small, black nose, red eyes with slit pupils, light brown eye-liner markings, rounded ears, a pair of pointed teeth in its upper jaw, and three whiskers on either side of its face. Its thin whiskers are very sensitive to changes in air movements, enabling it to detect its prey by movement alone. In the center of its forehead is a red diamond-shaped jewel as well as three gold bands, two on its wrists and one around its neck. On the gold band around its neck is another red oval jewel. Its two long tails have a distinctive curl at the end. Rahneko communicates with body language, and holds its tail upright to signal its intention to pounce. It has long legs and three-toed paws with retractable claws. Rahneko's lithe muscles also enable it to walk without making a sound.


Levizel is an orange Pokémon resembling an otter or a weasel. It has two sharp, shark-like blue fins on its arms and two tails. The yellow flotation device  on its back gives the impression of an inflatable life vest. When it lays on its stomach, the flotation sac could also be interpreted as a sort of inflatable dinghy using its tails as a propeller and its fins as oars. Its forelimbs and tails are tipped in cream, and there is an orange diamond shape in its cream lower belly. Levizel also has a teardrop shaped cream spot on its two hips, cream eyelids and a pattern of two black lines that curve to form a spiked shark-fin design on its cheek. It has been known to pull fisherman into the water by their line and drag them down to the bottom of the sea or river they live in, some being drowned, others managing to make it back to the surface before that happens. It tends to inhabit swift-moving rivers.

Drakeon has a sleek purple body with four slender legs and bright, teal eyes. It has long pointed ears and a thick tail, with three silver spikes on the base of its tail. Its forehead and shoulders have more spines on them, two on the shoulders and three on its forehead. It also has silver spikes on its elbows and heels. Because of its rareness, Drakeon was believed to be nothing but a legend until proven otherwise.  This Pokémon lives deep within caves, coming out ever so often. It is rarely seen by humans in the wild.

Fairene is a quadruped, draconic Pokémon with a long, tapering tail. It is primarily light blue with a white lower jaw and underside. There are white markings on its throat, the underside of its tail, and stripes on the inner surface of its front legs. Additionally, there are raised red ridges above its eyes. Three feathery fins protrude from either side of its head, possibly acting in the same manner that a Canard would on an aircraft. Each of its short legs has three claws.

Radeon is a mammalian, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is purple with lighter purple paws. It has a sickly look to it, and it's fur is constantly oily and limp from the poison that coats it. Radeon's ears and tail have a torn and droopy appearance. It has red eyes and a small, black nose. After evolution it has lost almost all the strength in its ears and tail causing them to droop and drag on the ground. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison, but it will not poison those it is close to.

Houndrunt is a quadruped, canine Pokémon with short, black fur and a red underbelly and muzzle. Its ears short and pointed and it has a long whip-like tail. Two fangs protrude from its upper jaw, and its triangular nose is black. There are white bands on its ankles, and one rib-like ridge on its back. Houndrunt appears to have two bone circles above its eyes. It also has circular, red paw pads on each of its three-toed paws.

Dragest is a long, serpentine Pokémon with dark blue scales and a cream underside. Its yellow eyes are bright and intelligent. It has a smooth, rounded snout and two small antlers behind its ears. on males there are two long whiskers that grow from its nose. It has four long legs that are tipped in the same dark blue as it's scales. It has thumbs on its front legs. A single ellipse jewel sits on its forehead, and this jewel changes color with its mood. It also has green spines that travel down its neck to his shoulders, then from the base of its tail to mid way down, and at the tip of its tail.

Huskary is a quadruped, canine Pokémon with a dark orange pelt marked by jagged black stripes. It has diamond-shaped ears with beige insides, red eyes, a round, black nose, and two long saber teeth protruding from its upper jaw On its forhead is a crown of ice that has bright blue fire flowing from it. Its muzzle, and chest are covered in shaggy, white fur, except for a black stripe on its chest and around its eyes. Long blue tufts of fur grow on its shoulders. The base of its tail is ringed by hard ice fragments and it's tail is covered in long icy blue fur with a darker blue arrow-shape marking and tip. Its paws are tipped in light blue fur. Each paw has four toes and a round, light blue pad. The flames on its body will keep burning no matter the weather. It dies when the flames go out.

Togeren is a white, avian Pokémon with a serpentine body. While its feet are small and situated closely together, it has two pairs of wings, two large one son its shoulders and two smaller wings on its hips. Red and blue triangular markings over its neck, and it has a long whip-like tail. On the back of its head are three spikes: a red tipped on the right, a blue tipped one on the left, and a pure white one in the middle that curls forwards. Togeren has a relatively long face and small, golden eyes. This Pokémon is rarely seen, only appearing in peaceful areas. It is revered as an angelic pokemon.

Archeopteryx is a large, flying creature that bears similarities to both birds and reptiles. Its scaly head is red with a green stripe running along the top and three blue feathers on the back of its head. Its mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Its eyes are white with black pupils and no irises. Its body is covered with fur-like, yellowish feathers and its front limbs have grown more wing-like, sporting large blue feathers that properly support flight and three red scaled claws. On its hips are large tufts of blue feather-like fur. It has a ring of smaller green feathers its rear legs. Its tail is completely red and featherless except for a fan of blue feathers at the end.

Dragumbra is a long, serpentine Pokémon with navy blue scales and a white underside, mask ans tail tip. Its red eyes are dark and glossy. It has a smooth, beaked snout and a small, black horn on its forehead. Its head is flanked by two medium, stylized wings, which are black and curve into a swirl at the base. six red, crystal orbs, three on its neck, on on its forehead and two on its tail, adorn its body. It has four limbs, two fin-like wings tipped in white and two legs that have paw-like feet and black boot-markings.

Diabolid mostly resembles a flying scorpion; however, it only has two legs instead of eight. Diabolid's head is round with a slightly pointed mouth, large, glowing eyes, and antennae with glowing orbs at the tips of them. Its forelegs are tipped with large balls of fire. It is constantly in the air, with its body temperature keeping it afloat. Diabolid has a pair of metal, kidney shaped wings that glow with its internal fire, and a long segmented tail that resembles a scorpions. This creature burns internally. Its glowing color is reflective of how old it is, and how near death it is. At its youngest, it burns an ultraviolet color, when its internal heat is at its hottest. As it ages, its internal heat cools, causing it to turn to a blue, a yellow, orange, then deep red. Its wings don't move. It uses a form of levitation to keep itself afloat, and its tail as a means of propulsion.


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