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Iris the Ninetales [Inactive] IIMGHERE

Item Canvas shoulder bag
Sex/Gender Female/Feminine (she, her, hers)
Age Adult (About 25)
Species #038/Ninetales/The Fox Pokemon
Height 3'07"
Weight 43.9lbs
Pokédex Entry Some legends claim that each of its nine tails has its own unique type of special mystic power.
Level 38
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Modest (+Sp Atk, -Atk)
Characteristic Alert to sounds (+Spd)
Moves - Flamethrower(TM)
- Psyshock (TM)
- Hex(Egg)
- Confuse Ray(Learned)
Iris is a normal-sized Ninetales with a graceful, slender body. Her fur is a pure white, and her eyes are crystal blue. Her fur has faded splotches of paint, giving it a pastel appearance with her natural white fur between the gaps.
Very wary of other's behaviors until she's comfortable with them. Easily surprised, and tends to be fairly quiet around newcomers. When provoked, she can be very fiery and defensive and bitter when annoyed. She's pretty snarky only when snarked at first. Very, very defensive of her younger brother. Will stop at nothing to guard his protection and life and will always put him first and foremost. She has a fear for getting infected, for her own life and hugely for Clover's. She knows he can't survive without her and she is hugely more concern for his safety than hers. She is polite about 90% of the time, maintaining a cool tone and maintaining grace. When it comes to killing, she prefers not to get close to attack and likes to use long-range attacks. Often, she will carry Siri because he cannot run as fast as she can. She is very cunning and intelligent, and can resort to manipulation to get what she wants out of others (in a verbal, non-abusive way.) She very much agrees with a survival mindset. She feels most at peace when in nature, in any degree.She does not like to be kept inside buildings for too long; for her own mental health.
User Notes •Iris also enjoys music as much as she does painting. She loves violin and piano music.
•Speaks with a british accent.
•Her and Clover's father was a Ninetales, but they both came from different mothers.
•Inspiration songs: Painter Song
•Her favorite legend is Xerneas because it represents life, peace and happiness and to her, color and creativity.

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