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Ripley the Primape & Dulce the Dusclops [WIP] Empty Ripley the Primape & Dulce the Dusclops [WIP]

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Ripley the Primape & Dulce the Dusclops [WIP] PMduZ8m

Text Color #a36c50
Item Soothe Bell (obscured by fur)

An item to be held by a Pokémon. A bell with a comforting chime that makes the holder calm and friendly.
Gender Female
Age Adult
Species #057, Pig Monkey Pokemon
Height 3'03"|1.0m
Weight 70.5lbs|32.0kg
Pokédex Entry

It has been known to become so angry that it dies as a result. Its face looks peaceful in death, however.
Level 52
Ability Anger Point
Nature Brave
Characteristic Likes to thrash about

Thrash [level]
- Punishment  [level]
- Focus Punch [Tutor]
- Seismic Toss [level]
History Insert History Here
Appearance Ripley is a typical example of a healthy Primeape, twitching pointed ears, snorting snout wrinkled in fury, muscular limbs, raised hair like a beige explosion and a near constant expression of barely constrained rage. Her most distinguishing feature being a large mark on the right side of her face, an imprint from being Mega Kicked in the head at one point. A small scruffy thing.
Personality A bit abrasive and temperamental, Ripley is none the less a excitable and friendly Pokémon who, despite her animalistic emoting and seething disposition is very fond of company and the young. Not one to take flak, she is often reigned in or corralled by Dulce when her temper begins to get the best of her. She's protective of those she considers weak.  

A mildly brash Pokémon with a strong moral center, she often takes out her eternal frustrations on inanimate objects or if willing; Dulce who is nonplussed about being a punching bag for her friend. She's fair and simple in ambition and want; her experience and wit shining through best in battle.

User Notes -She reigns in Dulce's amoral inclinations and malice.

Text Color #836FFF
Item Cleanse Tag

A hold item that helps repel wild Pokémon.
Gender Female
Age Adult
Species #356, Beckon Pokémon
Height 6'08"|2.08m
Weight 82lbs|37.2kg
Pokédex Entry

Dusclops absorbs anything, however large the object may be. This Pokémon hypnotizes its foe by waving its hands in a macabre manner and by bringing its single eye to bear. The hypnotized foe is made to do Dusclops's bidding.
Level 44
Ability Pressure
Nature Sassy
Characteristic Capable of taking hits

Disable [level]
- Gravity [level]
- Strength [HM]
- Ice Beam [TM]
History Insert History Here
Appearance Dulce is a towering bulbous thing, statuesque and looming like a large out of season horror prop. Her cloth body a unremarkable dark grey, her protuberant crimson eye the size of a small dinner plate and the fingers of her massive hands as thick as a human forearm each. Her body language generally ominously static or lightly listing as if in the wind. An imposing visage.
Personality Dulce often exudes a casual and calm demeanor, speaking in a borderline inattentive soft tone more often than not, tinging into mania when excited or enthusiastic.  Calculating and thoughtful, she prefers to mull things over before acting.

A somewhat imperious entity who enjoys throwing her weight around when given the opportunity, she is a sassy bully towards those she considered antagonistic towards Ripley, her friends or herself. She is more than willing to assert her dominance towards those who rub her the wrong way but is generally passive and flippant until pressed to that point. Much like Ripley, she has a soft spot for humans and children, displaying more patience than she otherwise would towards them.

She's very fond of the macabre and horrific, however the nature of the Outbreak frightens and disgusts her due to how unnatural it seems. The ambience of a homey haunted house or graveyard is one thing, the strewn and partially eaten gore of pedestrians is another. Infected ghosts vanishing and the notion that the infection destroys the soul fills her with a profound sense of dread.

User Notes -She respects the strong, the brave and the courageous.

-Ripley reigns her in from behaving more ghoulish

- Dulce values Ripley greatly, having been best friends with her since they were both quite young. She worries that her friend's temper will eventually get her killed or infected, terrified that Ripley's soul could vanish like the ghosts she's seen get bit.

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