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Yami the Pangoro [WIP] Empty Yami the Pangoro [WIP]

Post by Milobytz on Thu May 23, 2019 4:58 pm

From Black Clover. I love him so much omggggg

Yami the Pangoro [WIP] Img_2010
Name: Yami (Sukehiro)
Gender: Cismale, he.
Age: Adult (about 28)
Level: 60
Ability: Mold Breaker (Negates abilities vs moves)
Nature: Relaxed (maybe Serious...)
Characteristic: Quick tempered
Moves: Foul Play (Egg), Shadow Claw (TM), Sword Dance (TM), Parting Shot (Level)
History: Working on it but it'll prolly include Julius and maybe some other captain
Appearance: Primarily normal Pangoro, though his body is less round and more stalky, more like a bear. Since he was raised with a strong martial artist human, his body is refined and very strong in musculature. Instead of a typical white capped head, he has a black patch of longer, wilder hair on his head and runs down his neck and tangles into his black torso hair on his shoulder blades. His black hair that accents his chest and hips is wild and ruffled, but silky. The cape he has on his back like all Pangoro have is a bit less pointy and more wide, and poncho-esque as it spans to the outside of each shoulder blade.
Personality: (His personality in Black Clover.) Typically, Yami is really cold at first glance. Most anyone who knows him in passing thinks he's pretty terrifying and serious, and will not hesitate to put someone in their place. He has a bit of a short fuse, since he has such a large amount of power and enjoys using intimidation as a primary tool. (I swear, he will use any opportunity to intimidate people, even jokingly, and it won't seem like a joke.) Very physical problem solver. He can be a bit superficially lax with others and their problems, giving them "tough love." He believes that it's the best way for his team mates to "surpass their limits." (He says this so much in the anime it's practically his catchphrase.) Really doesn't care about status, and has a knack for choosing very strong, gemstone personalities. A lot of his underlings were severely underrated, him being the one to take them in and believe in them. Also because he loves interesting people (he's a fuckin weirdo himself lol.)
User Notes: •If you disturb him while he's enjoying his sacred bathroom time he will skin you alive. Lmao
•Since smoking cigarettes isn't a very conventional thing for Pokemon to do, he just likes chewing on his bamboo constantly. Maybe he'll just like, chew instead of smoke tobacco, aye?
•Since Yami in the anime uses primarily dark magic, Yamigoro will primarily use dark moves. Shadow Claw is supposed to be reminiscent of his move Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash.
Allow me to share some quotes w/ u
•"Surpass your limits. Right here. Right now."
•"Protect whatever is precious to you. One day it'll lead you to protect something else."
•"Mr. Destiny, huh? I hate that bastard's guts. Who would even pay attention to him? I'd tear him apart and do whatever I damn well please."
•"I like strong women, ya know? But there's nothing wrong in relying on others sometimes, right? And there's plenty strong people you can trust... among us Magic Knights, don't you think?"
•One that I don't have an exact quoting of is "I only give people jobs that they can handle."
He's a very "Just Do It" guy like, if he was in a modern era that quote would be the epitome of who he is lol

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