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Asta the Banette WIP Empty Asta the Banette WIP

Post by Milobytz on Sat May 11, 2019 3:43 pm

Based on Asta from Black Clover. This was about the closest approximation of a Pokemon that I could find for him. I'm willing to use a mutator for his look and abilities, if possible.

Name: Asta
Age: Teen (15-16 years old)
Level: 30
(I'll add number and dex info later)
Ability: Cursed Body (Mutator. If not, Keen Eye)
Moves: Foresight, Spite, Shadow Sneak,
History: (Similar to Black Clover but not exactly the same, I'm sure.)
Appearance: (Working on this too but here's a rough estimate) A lighter shade of grey than a normal colored Banette,
Personality: He's basically Asta. So. Lol
User Note: lol he's a fucking idiot

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