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Oasis the Flygon (WIP) Empty Oasis the Flygon (WIP)

Post by Nightfall on Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:14 pm

Oasis the Flygon (WIP) 330Flygon

Item ???
Gender Female
Age Adult
Species #330 Flygon, the Mystic Pokemon
Height 6'07"
Weight 180.8 lbs
Pokédex Entry The flapping of its wings sounds like singing. To prevent detection by enemies, it hides itself by flapping up a cloud of desert sand.
Level 50
Ability Levitate (cannot be hit by Ground-type moves)
Nature Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
Characteristic Often lost in thought (+Sp.Atk)
Moves Dragon Claw (level up)
Bug Bite (egg move)
Earth Power (level up)
Supersonic (level up)
History WIP
Appearance WIP
Personality Very kind and sweet, always wants to do the right thing, will crack a joke every so often, helpful, brave, not afraid to battle/enjoys battling, bit of a daydreamer
User Notes WIP

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