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Post by Giratina on Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:47 pm

Greetings, survivors.

Upon careful consideration, we have decided to alter the rules of the outbreak thread and some other rules, while we are still a young forum, to reflect a new beginning.
These new rules will have an impact on your characters' past and present world, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them and update your characters' histories if necessary.

The P-Virus:
- Or Protovirus. It is an early strain of the virus that we use currently, known as the M-Virus.
- It is spread by contaminated blood, which has to be either consumed or come into contact with an open wound in order to infect.
- It is characterized by enlarged canines, red irises and a deep bloodlust, also commonly known as vampirism. It has been found that even those without canines or teeth to speak of grow a set of fangs in order to fulfill its' new need to feed on blood.
- Their body requires blood every 48 hours to survive. After the 40 hour mark of being deprived, they will fall into a blood frenzy.
- A blood frenzy is often seen as the infected going berserk and seeking out blood regardless of source. There is no distinguishing between friend and foe.
- If the infected victim does not consume blood after 48 hours have passed, they will turn into a ghoul. A ghoul is a fragile, rotting creature that mirrors the desire for flesh known from the M-virus. However, these ghouls only last for approximately a week before they rot away completely and experience a true death.
- A victim infected with the P-virus is immune to the M-virus, and can heal any injury that doesn't affect the heart or brain within hours. However, regrowing lost limbs is excruciatingly painful.
- P-Virus resistances are the same types as the M-Virus.
- Requires an undead ticket.

The M-virus:
- Also known as the Mortus Pestus virus.
- Victims do NOT die and reanimate themselves- rather, the virus burns the victims' reserves to such an extent that the body needs an endless supply of meat to just survive on the basest of levels. This process is so demanding of the body that it begins to decay at an unsettling rate, unable to keep up with those needs. In other words, they are still alive and self-aware, but they are so overrun mentally and physically by the virus that they appear and behave similar to the infamous 'zombie.'
- Poison types are found to be no longer immune to the M-Virus, but just highly resistant, due to a neurotoxins' influence found within the virus.

- Z-rings are now allowed, but have strict rules that the survivor must follow.
- Your character has to have been to Alola at some point.
- Your character is a trainer of some kind.
- A Z move can only be used once every time your character sleeps for 6 hours or more. As it is a last-ditch effort, and takes a toll on both the trainer and the pokemon, using it excessively would cause intense fatigue and even comas.
- Z-rings will be available in the League after you attain two base badges.
- On Z-Crystals: while it is acceptable for a trainer to have a full elemental set, they may not obtain exclusive Z crystals.

- The trainer must have been to Kalos.
The character must be a trainer of some sort.
The trainer must have gotten Korrina's gym badge.
The trainer may only have ONE megastone.
Mega evolution can only be used once every time the trainer and pokemon both get 6 or more hours of sleep.
Mega Evolution causes damage to the pokemon, and can not be used more than twice without healing at a center, or with potions/herbs/berries.
- Using Mega-evolution has more detrimental effects to the trainer and pokemon using them, and will even potentially strain the pokemon and trainer's relationship because of the pain mega evolution causes.
- Mega-rings will be available in the League after you attain four base badges.

Character Cap:
- Due to some of our characters' origins, we are raising the level cap of all pokemon to lvl 70 without any badges to start.

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