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Post by Yveltal on Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:51 am

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Greetings, little mortals. I am Yveltal, the Lord of Destruction, Keeper of Souls... Bringer of Death. The undead are under my complete beck and call but, for a small price, they can be under yours as well.

Here in this thread, you may call upon one of my Omens to temporarily join your team. Whether you are drawn by the power of undeath and wish to join our ranks, or simply want to die a glorious death by our claws, we will answer your call with great anticipation.

Click for rules and guidelines:

  • An Omen contract will cost you 100FP, and will not escalate no matter how many you buy.
  • Only one contract per user at any one time.
  • Make sure that you post here clearly stating which Omen you wish to hire, the team you wish to bring them to (along with a link to the team sheet) and any specific details you want to relay.
  • When a contract is completed, the Omen will post here stating so, and the list of available Omens will be edited.
  • It is wise to remember that the Omens are very vicious and powerful creatures with an insatiable urge to kill. By opening a contract you are allowing your character to at least get badly wounded, or even killed, by the Omen. You must also be aware that an Omen is likely to bring rampant destruction to the area your team is in.
  • Any one Omen can have one active contract, and one pending.
  • Assuming that they are not busy with another client, Legendaries may call upon our services free of charge.
  • It is perfectly permissible for a team to be created solely to have every member killed by an Omen, or at least leave one sole survivor.
  • Omens are invincible - they cannot be killed. They can be hurt, but this is very difficult.
  • Omens abide by normal floater rules: at least three turns in a team, one team at a time. There are some exceptions, the main being if an Omen is called away by Guardian.

Please send me a private message if you have any questions, little thing. Good luck, stay vigilant... or my friends and I will show you just how mortal you really are.

Click for a list of available Omens:
Coming soon

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