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Rick the Alcoholic Pangoro Empty Rick the Alcoholic Pangoro

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Rick the Alcoholic Pangoro Rl046Dp

Text Color #1CB5E8
Item Booze
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Species #675, Daunting Pokémon
Height 6'11"
Weight 270lbs
Pokédex Entry Although it possesses a violent temperament, it won’t put up with bullying. It uses the leaf in its mouth to sense the movements of its enemies.
Level 68
Ability Mold Breaker
Nature Rash
Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
Moves - Crunch
- Slash
- False Swipe
- Frustration
History Rick comes from a relatively unremarkable past, his bright mind and kind personality quickly crushed by a trainer (Jeremy) who abused him and manipulated him.
He was beaten mercilessly often, moreso when he failed in whatever task he was given. The allies he had on his trainers' team were forced to attack Rick as a form of punishment for the both of them. He was ridiculed by Jeremy on a constant basis, demeaned and hated. Trivial foibles became major mental barricades as more and more of his mind turned to defending his sanity and coming up with ways to surive. He began to retaliate and rebel against his trainer and other humans who took their side, often get him into serious trouble with the law. He was often confiscated and caged for his violent acts towards humans, and eventually was imprisoned permanently when he became a mankiller and mauled Jeremy to death. Even imprisoned and away from those that had hurt him, he was treated cruelly and often left in a tiny cage with no light, no food and not enough room to lay down in. It was then that he had given up on any inkling of hope he had for others and himself. He shut himself down, replacing his hatred with bitterness and brute with guile. He escaped the prison, killing many guards and humans in the process.
He's lived in the wild ever since.
Appearance Thinner than the standard pangoro, he doesn't boast as much pure muscle. The dark parts of his fur is flecked with silver and white fur from old age. He's usually a wreck, slobbish and proud of it. His face is that of someone who has given up on life and any vague resemblence of respect for anyone.
Personality Rick is a real shithead. His cynicism knows no bounds, to the point of it being one of his most prominent features. When he's not criticizing your intelligence, he's using you for his own ends. He's extremely intelligent and extremely depressed/demoralized by the world. Hyper-pessimistic and bitter, he rarely shows a softer side of him, and even when he does, he tries to mask it with snark and harshness. He's a giant paradox of emotions, and often he doesn't even understand his own controversial feelings.  
User Notes Based on Rick from Rick and Morty

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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