Salarmed, the SALANDIT ALT evolution

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Salarmed, the SALANDIT ALT evolution Empty Salarmed, the SALANDIT ALT evolution

Post by Milobytz on Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:46 pm

Salarmed is it's working name right now (combination of salamander and charmed, complimentary to Salazzle being salamander and dazzle. It can also be a reference to it's ninja-like status, being equipped.)
It's right now only a concept, but I'm thinking along these lines;

A lithe, tall form similar to Salazzle's, but with an evolutionary focus on the bandana around it's neck. When it pulls the edge of the bandana over its muzzle, the biological response from it dulls out the color on its' scales and turns it's entire body a black color. In this mode, it can appear superficially translucent, and provide some extra camouflage. However, their bandana's color and pattern remain partly visible in comparison to their bodies, and makes their facade not as reliable. To compensate for this, they will usually try to keep their heads low to the ground, in a sneaking fashion.

These male evolutional variants are most often some of the Salazzle matriarch's favorites of the Salandit harem, and their closeness and her specific pheromones can induce evolution even quicker. (The evolution is only based on a strong, undying connection to a romantic partner or friend, and not quite a Salazzle in general.) Their purpose is to be protectors of their matriarch Salazzle.

Salarmed's design is still under works, but the bandana on it's neck is a flap of it's own neck skin. It's like a neck pouch. Each Salarmed has it's own unique pattern or color on it's neck, usually none resulting in black but it's possible.

It's typing is still poison and fire, and not dark or ghost despite their sneaky role.

Salarmed, the SALANDIT ALT evolution I61jEL3
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