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Dracul the Insane Undead Charizard [WIP] Empty Dracul the Insane Undead Charizard [WIP]

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Dracul the Insane Undead Charizard [WIP] LJYHuM


Time of Infection
3 weeks



Slash (Level up)
Fire Fang (Level up)
Wing Attack (Level up)
Flame Burst (Level up)


Likes to Fight


National Pokedex No.
#006 Charizard/the Flame Pokemon

193 lbs.

Pokedex entry
It is said that Charizard's fire burns hotter if it has experienced harsh battles. W2

Was once kind, but turned bitter towards humans before outbreak began. Went Insane from the death of his parents during the outbreak. Dracul began causing chaos and despair upon others. He hates humans and thanks them for the chaos they created.

A psychotic Charizard and signs of the virus on his stomach and around his eyes. Hates humans.
Dracul and Mathias was born from the same parents and when he was a charmander. He used to like everything except those that are not worth to him. When he went to the mountains to visit his cousins he felt so small to them, but shared nothing in common with one of his cousins. One of them was timid but the other one was much more interesting to him. He looked up to him as a role model and respected him as he was taller than him.

While growing up, Mathias started distancing himself away from his brother. Dracul began to wonder why, but with no idea, he began having obsessions with his brother. While he often went to the mountains, Dracul always went to see his cousins. He went against his parents wishes and started growing bitter towards them. When he came across a human, he often attacked them and ran off. Dracul blamed the humans for Mathias' disappearance.  

As he grew up and became a Charizard, Mathias never paid him a visit and when Dracul went to the mountains he discovered Stone was missing. The one he didn't respect and as he looked around for the eldest brother he was nowhere to be found. When the Outbreak began he started to go insane as he watched his parents get eaten by undead he flew off leaving them to die. He changed his name from Gabriel to Dracul so that if Mathias found him he wouldn't recongnize him. Both Mathias and Stone was his only problem and he would see to it that they was stuck in the chaos as well. 

The three weeks prior to Dracul's infection, Dracul watched a human running from the undead. He swooped in and attacked the human without a care for them and his last words to the human was I thank you for this glorious chaos. Then took to the air watching the undead attack and eat the human. He landed after the undead was finished eating the human and then the true bizarre happened, he drank the infected blood leading to his infection. The Virus began changing him to grow more insane and his ambition was starting to grow into place.

Then, he started laughing insanely and started looking for Mathias to infect him. While he searched the Kanto region where Mathias was last seen he fell prey to the virus and became undead afterwards. His last memory was that Mathias was with a human named Zeke and since then he hunted down this Zeke. He views his cousin the Harbinger Charizard as his role model and watched the harbinger kill viciously. Insane and obsessed with finding Mathias, Dracul only wanted to find Mathias and turn him undead. However, he had no clue to where Mathias is and where to start as the time before the outbreak began Dracul used to go by the name Gabriel, but what made him talk about death and despair was not known.

Dracul began talking in old english after his confrontation with a pair of humans in Ilex Forest. His hatred unhindered by the virus only amplifies it further. Then, Stark mountain he was to use the living to his own end, but their numbers dwindled and decided to leave the remaining living to meet their fate in the claws of Heatran. After killing more victims in his path, he met an Alolan Marowak by the name of Death. His voice was eerie enough to send chills down any living's spine and after his threat to Death, the Marowak responded to him with words of truth, thusly an alliance was formed between the two.

User Notes
-Brother to Mathias and Cousin to the Omen Charizard
-Obsessed with Finding Mathias and infecting him
-Permission was given by Charizard
-Recently became undead and well aware of his undeath
-Driven insane by watching his parents die to the undead
-Hates humans to a degree, but thanks them for the chaos.
-Recently began speaking in old english
-Ally to Death the Marowak

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