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Death the Alolan Marowak [WIP] Empty Death the Alolan Marowak [WIP]

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Death the Alolan Marowak [WIP] Marowak_death_small




Cisgender Male

Text color

"It is time for you to die."

Bone Club (Level up)
Bonemerang (Level up)
Shadow Bone (Level up)
Shadow Ball (TM Move)

Pokedex No.
#105 Marowak the Bone Keeper Pokemon

Pokedex Entry
Originally, it was weak and timid. After evolution, its temperament becomes violent, and it begins to wield bones as weapons. Sun


78.0 lbs

Cursed Body



A purely evil Marowak that reaps those who gets in the way of his master's plans.

Death's murderous impulses is the grudge made real. His heart was full of hate and rage. He roams from battlefield to battlefield searching for anyone to reap. If any pokemon doesn't interest him in any way he'll brush them aside and gives them an one time warning to not interfere. His goals being to help Dracul in any way he sees fit, including killing anyone that is a thorn to Dracul's side.

Slightly taller than a normal Marowak. The bone is modified to serve as his scythe.

Born in Alola, Death was pretty much like every other cubone. When he was caught be a trainer, he never really had much in the way of fighting. Each fight was either on a whim of luck or face rejection and less amount of food. One day his trainer had a change of heart and tried to be friendly. The Cubone however seen this as a fools attempt at hiding their feelings. Through his Childhood days, it was again on the whim of luck if he has a good day. As his luck was getting more and more greater, so was his relation with his trainer. What he was truly doing was holding his grudge against the abusive trainer. A grudge that would play out later in his life. The cubone's winning streak was increasing further and further with each battle. One pokemon had the nerve to even call him a spiteful imp because of the way he attacks.

Growing into his teen years, Death started growing more bitter from the bottled up grudge. Still waiting for the day to come he carries out his revenge upon his trainer. With each time they went to a different battlefield he only seemed eager to inflict pain on other pokemon. Eventually he evolved into a Marowak and with it his voice had became eerily spooky for the other pokemon. The battles had been fought and won. Any pokemon that was defeated feared the voice that they had heard. It was enough that the police had to do something due to the brutality that the Marowak had been inflicting. An order was made that the trainer forfeit his pokemon. After the order was made, the trainer decided to take Death with him to leave the islands in the middle of the night. With that decision made the trainer left with Death, never to return to Alola again. They moved to the Kanto Region in hopes to start a new life. Once they settled in the trainer had once more set out to get Death stronger even more.

Reaching Adulthood, the Marowak had no more love for his trainer. His grudge had shown signs of coming out. The battles became more and more tougher with Death nearly taking the life of one pokemon. The Trainer had realized that he shouldn't have Death battle anymore. Though he hasn't earned his nickname at that time he was spiteful. In his mind he wished that a horror would befall the world and make it so that he has a place in its glory. Eventually that day came. At the age of twenty eight, word was going around that there has been pokemon attacks on both human and pokemon alike in a swarm of rumors. As night fell. the trainer took Death's bone and modified it to be a weapon.

With the epidemic already set in motion the trainer had finished modifying the bone. He thought that it would be simple to leave his Marowak to die, but when he looked away to get the tape to make the handle, Death had ahold of his bone. The trainer was trying to warn him not to use it, but with the communicator reacting to Death's voice it was enough to send fear into the trainer. "It is time for you to die." The Marowak went through with his vengeance and kills his trainer without remorse. The undead show up ignoring Death and proceeds to feast on the trainer's body. Any living Pokemon that encountered the Marowak soon felt not just fear, but absolute terror. The ghost/fire type attacked one pokemon nearly killing it. This eventually earned him the namesake he truly deserved. The eerie fire that glows around the blade resembled that of the reaper himself and since then the name Death stuck with the Marowak.

Two years later, a fateful encounter had taken place. An undead Charizard had finished his latest victim and was preparing to leave. The Marowak came across this charizard hearing the same amount of hate in its heart and madness to do the bidding of some unknown entities. They lock eyes and without a doubt Dracul made his threat to Death. The Marowak chuckles with his eerie voice. "This world belongs to you." This ended up as the start of an alliance with the Marowak. Death hates his fellow living Pokemon and sees them as parasites. His move Bone Club being the most favorite way to finish off anyone who got in Dracul's way. Tossing his bone like a boomerang made it dangerous for anything in its path. He loves the Undead and with a passion. After hearing Dracul speak, Death had picked up some of the words he had used.

User notes
-Ally to the Undead Charizard Dracul
-Loves the undead despite being a living Marowak
-Inspired by Death from Castlevania
-Image by Fox

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