Delectroke, the MANECTRIC Evolution

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Delectroke, the MANECTRIC Evolution

Post by Reshiram on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:10 am

Created by Silverishness

Sprite by Cinderspark

   Name of Fakemon- Delectroke

   Genders possible- M/F

   Signature Moves- None

   Ability- Lightningrod/ Volt Absorb

   Type/s- Eletric/ ---

   Height- 5'6"

   Weight- 120.3 lbs

   National dex # /Pokemon Species- ???/ Delectroke, the Lightning Pokemon

   Pokédex Entry- Because of the massive amounts of electricity built up in this pokemon, thunderstorms often follow it. It was once fabled as an offspring of Lightning itself.

   Egg field- Field

   Evolution line- Electrike- Manectric- Delectroke

   Evolution Method- Must be struck by natural lightning (not a pokemon attack) after lvl 30

   Origin of name- D+ Electric+ letter switching

   STAT build- High SP. ATT, High SPEED, Low Defenses


   -By level:
START: Thunder Fang
START: Fire Fang
START: Ice Fang
START: Thunder Wave
lvl 5: Thunder Wave
lvl 10: Leer
lvl 13: Howl
lvl 15: Quick Attack
lvl 20: Spark
lvl 25: Rain Dance
lvl 30: Discharge
lvl 36: Bite
lvl 42: Thunderbolt
lvl 48: Charge
lvl 53: Wild Charge
lvl 60: Zap Cannon
lvl 64: Thunder

   -Moves learnt by TM:
-Any learnable by Electrike and Manectric in Gen 5

   -Egg moves:
-Any and all of Electrike's in Gen 5

   User Note-

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