Omen Warnings

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Omen Warnings

Post by Giratina on Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:29 pm

Ill Omens

Warnings to post in teams will be announced here. It is strongly advised that everyone watches this thread and checks it regularly.

In here, the Warning Thread, the warning guardians will post warnings for those who are on their third day and have not yet posted, and also for those who have breached their time limit and get an Omen death warrant. Those who have been marked for death will have "DEATH" written after their character's team, name, and user.

Warnings broken down:

In a team, the turns for posting cycle around in order, from the character on the very top of the team sheet, to the very bottom, before resetting and starting with the team leader after the last person in the team sheet has posted.
Each member has exactly three days to post. On the third day, you will get a warning, which will be posted on this thread by a warning moderator.
If you fail to post on the third day, even after having been given a warning, on the fourth day (exactly twenty-four hours after the warnings from the previous day have been posted) your character will die.

Example: User A posted on November 22nd. User B is next in turn on the team sheet.

23rd: First day; safe.

24th: Second day; safe.

25th: Third day; warning for User B that will be announced here.

26th: Fourth day; User B's character that failed to post is killed by an Omen*.

*Those who have not yet posted their first post in their respective teams will simply be taken out of the team instead.

Fight on, and good luck.

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Re: Omen Warnings

Post by Lugia on Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:35 pm

Test Omen Warnings Effective Immediately

Teams on Hold




Team A-(User A)
Team B-(User B) Omen
Team C-(User C) [1 day to post]

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