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Post by Milobytz on Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:33 pm

•Money Commissions: Available
•Point Commissions: Available
•Trades (1 at a time): Not currently available
•Image Edits: Available

By requesting in the comments for a money commission, I will PM (or on Skype if you'd prefer) you information on my Paypal. I require payment before giving out the art.

First come, first serve. The first three slots are for money commissions and the last two are for edits. I usually get my commissions done within the week, or at most 2 weeks. (Two weeks are more common with full pictures rather than profile images, but those can last for about 4 weeks at most.)

Down payments available for cell shading, painting, and full pictures. (Pay half before, pay half after.)


Point Commissions include edits, sketches, and certain sprites.
Money Commissions are exclusive to line art, flat color, certain sprites, cell shading, paintings, and full pictures - and they are optional for edits, sketches, and certain sprites.

(Click on images to enlarge them.)


Profile: 50 FP per character (free for newcomers with < or = 3 characters)
EJ Icon edits: 50 FP per icon edit, 75 FP per from-scratch icons (original art by PiNkOpHiLiC, all credit of Pokemon/Human bases go to them)
Character Sheet Icons (any specified size): $2.00 per character/30 FP per character
Simple image edit of Bulbapedia Pokemon images to fit a character. Can include complex color schemes or items.

(Original the Character, do not steal. ;D)


$4.00 per character/100 to 200 FP per character (20 for newcomers with < or = 3 characters, meant for future profile use)

A picture of a paper sketch (not scanned, just yet) of a character. Generally unrefined and not meant to be a profile picture. But you can use it to trace over a new picture for their lines (or commission someone else for that, as long as they credit my sketch work.) For fun and not meant for new profile use, they're worth 400.

Line Art:

$8.00 per character

White background picture of a character. Can be colored in by someone else, I can send a PSD file for it.

Flat Color:

$10.00 per character
Flat color without shading.


Party Sprite: $1.00 per character/10 FP per character
96x96 Pixel Sprites: $2.00 per character/70 FP per character
96x96 Animated Sprites: $7.00 per character
Custom Small Sprites: $5.00 per character
Custom Small Animated Sprites: $10.00 per character
Custom Large Sprites: $20.00 per character
Custom Large Animated Sprites: $50.00 per character

Sprites made custom for characters. Party sprites are the small 40x40 sprites (small edits of these sprites can be FREE). you can choose them to be animated or not since they're two frames. The 96x96 sprites are the game/battle sprites. I can also edit X/Y sprites and Pokemon Conquest sprites for the same price as not-animated 96x96 sprites. I can also make small sprites of character images for the same price previously mentioned. I do not make edits of animated X/Y sprites. Custom Large Sprites are very time consuming so hence the large price boost. Animated Custom Sprite are vastly time consuming as well so twice the price.
(My custom large sprite is a WIP, but a preview all the same)

Party Sprites:


Pokemon Conquest:

Custom Small Sprites:

Large Custom Sprites:

Cell Shading:

$20.00 per character
Precise shading with solid color. I usually use gradients for more atmosphere.


$20.00 per character
Complex shading with eye reflection. Gradients are sometimes used. My most complex paint style.

Full Picture:

Full picture art of characters. Starting rate of $50.00, but can be negotiated higher or possibly lower by complexity/time. A paper sketch can be done for a starting rate of $10.00, negotiation based on complexity/time as well.

Spots Available:


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